Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Knitting Helping OK Tornado Victims!

Best Quote I Heard All Day

“To ease another’s heartache is to forget one’s own.” --Abraham Lincoln
Abe, my historical love of life, was right. Having been through a tremendously difficult period of life, moving out of my boyfriend's house, trying to support myself without a job or any health insurance, and dealing with pain, helping the Oklahoma tornado victims has changed my attitude totally.
So help yourself by helping OK victims! My friends Lars Rains and Holly Barcelo, who own Suburban Knits, have published a wonderful knitting ebook, K*tog; Oklahoma Tornado Relief ebook.

All money made from the book sales will be donated to Other Options, Inc., an Oklahoma City charity. Twenty designers, including me, donated designs for the book.
 Buy it! It's available on Scribd.

Keep your eyes on Suburban Knits too. It's a design collective, so if you want to publish your designs, go there. Their first "lookbook" will be published on September 3. The design deadline is over for this one; however, think about submitting your designs for the next one. I'm their knitting technical editor, so if you have issues with writing directions, I'll help you.

Later this week, I'll finally write about charting apps. I'm hoping to teach knitting design beginners at Vogue Knitting Live NYC, how to use Microsoft Office apps to create schematics, charts, and a little pattern directions calculator. If this doesn't happen, I will do videos and put them up here for free.

Later, skanks. If you buy this book, love ya!