Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Knitting Curmudgeon's Blog Year 13!

Best Quote I Heard All Day

"Be always at War with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let each New Year find you, a better person." - Benjamin Franklin

Yeah, Ben, my beloved historical guy. And am so happy that I've been writing this blog since 2002. The Knitting Curmudgeon existed before then. Back in 1997, I created an AOL Member website called "The Knitting Curmudgeon" and many KnitList people read it. But when Google created Blogger, that was perfect for The Knitting Curmudgeon. The website was nice but Blogger was much easier for adding posts.

2015 is a major year for me but those of you who know me, know my age. Ain't writing it publicly.

Fibreality Designs Happening

Yes, busy designing and editing my directions. As I once wrote here, you can edit your own directions if you don't edit them immediately, waiting a week so your writing hits your eyes as new.

Here's my latest sock design, Ant Eggs Socks. Yes, I took the picture on my foot, using my iPhone.

Ant Eggs is the pattern title. I found it on my "Mon Tricot Knitting Encyclopedia 1500 Patterns" book. Yes, an oldie. Was published in 1984 and I still have it. Back then, Mon Tricot magazines were my thrills. The French created wonderful knitting designs and that's where I first saw a pattern that contained short rowing. I was shocked! NO!!! You don't knit and then turn back halfway through the row! Well, I did it anyhow. And discovered that the French had created a wedge method. Heh.

A short blog entry today, due to holiday happenings. So darling readers, have a wonderful New Year Evening tomorrow night. I'm gonna be home, alone, just knitting and watching a movie via Netflix.


Monday, December 15, 2014

Cheaper Yarn for Designing These Days

Best Quote I Heard All Day

“The more I see, the less I know for sure.” --John Lennon

Yes, John! I've been hanging out in Michael's, searching for cheap stuff that I can use for designs that will be created for knitting beginners.

Primarily, I have bought some Lion Brand yarns that I figure beginners would buy first. Lion Brand does have a decent sock yarn, Sock-Ease Yarn. Just started knitting a basic lace sock design with this.
This picture is upside-down. The lace ribbing are the bottom stitches, the others are the main lace pattern. These lace patterns are pretty easy for beginners, so I figure that putting this up on Ravelry will sell pretty well. Heh, heh!

The other Lion Brand yarn I bought yesterday is this--Heartland, which is a worsted weight, but 100% acrylic. FEH!

I haven't knit acrylic in years. And bought purple too because I'm a purple freak. I'll design a cardigan with this, using a good stitch pattern that will appeal to beginners. Gonna call the cardigan "Knitting Novice Cardigan."

Back when I wrote "You Can Knit!", had to design shit for beginners. After these two designs, I have a bunch of advanced designs. Yes, lots of socks, plus several sweaters. Plus I designed a hat for my two nephews, so I'm gonna put that design up on Ravelry too.

A short post today. Ain't got much to write about and am going back to needles in my hands. Knitting keeps me comfy, due to my unemployment. And am about to send some yarn shop owners my workshops list.

Love to teach. My darling grandmother, Constance Carsten, was a teacher in Staten Island, at PS 11 there. When I applied for college, Grandma told me that I should be an Education major. "No, Grandma! I don't want to teach a bunch of silly little kids!" I wish I had paid attention to her. Once I became the Assistant Knit and Crochet Editor at McCall's Needlework & Crafts magazine, Grandma was very proud! She told me, "You are now a teacher, correcting or writing directions for readers." This was in 1983, Grandma still alive. She died in 1985 and I have never stopped missing her. She was a sweetheart, who I adored. And when Mom made her a sweater, that I designed, Grandma was thrilled that we both knit.

Yes, losing Mom last March broke my heart. She and I were best friends with our knitting stuff. Now that Christmas is approaching, I am still saddened, going to miss her even more for the holiday. Last Christmas, she had given me a KnitPicks lace shawl kit that she couldn't make, confused with the lace chart and the directions. So I made it for her, finished by Christmas. And kept the directions. making the shawls for my daughters because I had a pile of KnitPicks Palette yarn, used for the shawl.

So will probably blog post before Christmas, if I have anything to tell you, skanks.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Yarn Shops...Addiction!!

Best Quote I Heard All Day

Substitute 'damn' every time you're inclined to write 'very'; your editor will delete it and the writing will be just as it should be.--Mark Twain

Going to yarn shops is damn fun! Mark Twain is my beloved author...reading his "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" when I was 10 years old and kept reading his books. So this post is about my favorite yarn shops...addiction, for sure.

But my designing recently included my darling nephew Nicholas. Here's Auntie Marilyn's cap!
Making one for his brother Alex too. Grandson Ian will get a cap too, as soon as I measure his head. HA! !!

My Favorite New Jersey Yarn Shop

Obviously I go to my state yarn joints, primarily Trillium Yarns, which was located in Morristown on Route 202, away from the town's center. The shop was in the right side of the building. Beverly moved the shop into the town center, 4 Cattano Avenue, near the Morristown Green and the courthouse too.
The store carries many top yarns: Blue Sky Alpacas, Koigu, Manos del Uruguay, Rowan, Spud and Chloe, Lobster Pot Yarns, Malagrigo, Zitron, and more. 

My Favorite Pennsylvania Yarn Shop and others

Mountain Knits and Pearls, up in East Stroudsburg, is beloved. The owner, Joanne, has a huge pile of yarn brands. I go up there constantly, a 30 mile drive...well worth it. Mountain Knits and Pearls also carries beads and jewelry supplies too. Here's a picture of the shop:

Yeah, took the picture from my car. 
There are other yarn shops in PA that I want to hit. The one in Bethlehem, The Knitter's Edge, has big hot reviews. 
I also go to Twist Knitting & Spinning down in Lahaska PA, in Bucks County. Love New Hope and recently saw Joe Wilcox, QueerJoe, at Twist. Twist carries wonderful stuff! Lots of top yarn brands, spinning wheels and fibers, and terrific knitting tools. My daughter Jennifer and I love to go to New Hope, having lunch and shopping. But going to Twist is a must.

New York City Favorite Yarn Shops

Been to all of them but recently went to Knitty Citty
There are a lot of shops in NYC, to which I have been. And love taking friend on a yarn shop crawl in the city. If you want me to take you, will. Here's a CBS list of the top 5 knitting shops.

So skanks, if you have yarns shops in your state, leave a comment here. I have thought that I may write a Yarn Shop Directory that I would put up on Ravelry. 

Next post will be next week, I hope. Gotta keep the blog movin' and groovin' Tontstant Weaders,