Sunday, August 30, 2015

Long Knitting Summer

Best Quote I Heard All Day

“Part of me suspects that I’m a loser, and the other part of me thinks I’m God Almighty.”--John Lennon

My darling Beatle's quotes make me happy. Yes, usually put up Dorothy Parker quotes, my dearest lady. Both have been long-gone but I love them. Daddy gave me "In His Own Write" published in 1964...when I was 14. Me and my dear best friend, Dottie, were impressed by his writing--me and drawing--Dottie. 

So haven't written this lately and I am pissed off that I stopped writing the blog again. Have been busy designing the socks and writing directions for "Sock It To You" which I love doing. Lately this is one of the designs.
I have taken basic pictures on my foot, putting in on the coffee table, using the IPhone. Ultimately, I use my Nikon Digital camera on the mannequin's feet that granddaughter Liz gave me when she worked at a teen clothing shop at the mall.

Should have written back in July because the blog's 13th anniversary is July 25. Yeah, 2002. And this was the first blog title:The Fall 2002 Vogue Knitting.  
Back then, I was opinionated about the magazines. Here's the first paragraph:

The state of knitting magazines being what it is lately, I was more than pleasantly surprised with the decent designs featured in the Fall 2002 issue of Vague. Mind you, there are still enough designs for the HYUKs (Hip Young Urban Knitters, a ghastly acronym invented by the ubiquitous Lily Chin) and some silly ones at that. But I understand Vague's marketing needs...and I can appreciate their bowing to demographics. 

So it's time to leave this so I can get back to the book designs. And yes, can design sweater, lace shawls, caps, and wish I could design for babies. No babies in the family anymore.

So long, my dear skanks! Yeah, have to keep writing so beat me up, dear readers.