Sunday, September 06, 2015

Summer Yarn Hot Fun

Best Quote I Heard All Day

“To me, the raveled sleeve of care is never more painlessly knitted up than in an evening alone in a chair snug yet copious, with a good light and an easily held little volume sloppily printed and bound in inexpensive paper. I do not ask much of it - which is just as well, for that is all I get."--Dorothy Parker

Yes, my beloved Dorothy Parker was a knitter. Read her biography here. Wikipedia. YouTonstant Weaders know I've had her quoted here for years. 

Sock It To You Big Heat

Yes, ain't working but writing and knitting directions editing these days are not retirement for me. Love designing socks, although have designed a lace shawl and will be designing an Aran sweater and a few more. Probably put them up on Ravelry via Fiberality, the name I created for my "knitting business." And will submit to too.

Here's the latest sock design, slightly. The bottom is just a bunch of the yarn, not knitted yet.
This yarn is Schachenmayr Regia Cotton Summer Smile Color, which is 41%virgin wool, 34% cotton, 25% polyamide. Gotta make lace socks with cotton, although as this has wool too and many summer sock yarns include wool too. Wearing wool lace socks aren't sweet for summer, heating up your feet. And wearing them in the winter makes your feet cold via the yarn overs. Good for spring and fall. Cotton sock yarn amounts are limited.

I love writing this book too. It's important to add tips for the readers. Usually sock knitters get freaked out via the heel. Yeah, the heal gusset. I've added special tips for that, along with other tips.

Magic Loop Technique

Here's a little info, on tin can knits. I do this but occasionally work a design on double-pointed needles, aka DPNs, too. Usually the cables become huge and screw up your hands.  The directions are written for DPNs, obviously.

So next fun will be designing sweaters. Yeah, I wasn't a math expert back in school. And Mom was amazed that I was able to create the knitting design numbers. 

Happy Labor Day, skanks girls and boys! I am going to Garden State Sheep Breeders Festival next weekend, Saturday and Sunday. It's down on the Hunterdon County Fairgrounds. See you then? Hope so!