Monday, February 02, 2004

Best Quote I Heard All Day
Football is a mistake. It combines the two worst elements of American life. Violence and committee meetings.
George F. Will

Super Bowl Sunday. An excuse to overeat and overknit.

Getting almost 3 inches done on a sleeve means sitting in a crowded volunteer fire department eating buffalo wings and other junk, drinking birch beer, and asking John WTF is going on now?

Somehow I missed the Janet Jackson tit display at half-time. What a pity.

The truth of the matter: I only understand baseball. Pitchers and catchers report this month. Football is over. Thank God for both.

More on Lavold Errors
These mistakes keep popping up like zits on a debutante's face. It so happened that Elly, with two leftover Silky Wool skeins, decided to do the Gram hat from the Viking Knits book.

She got confused reading the directions and called me for clarification. After the welt, the directions read, more or less, to inc one stitch at the end of each row. And then, there's a stitch count, which actually belongs to the mittens directions and has nothing to do with the hat.

This is not on Lavold's page of corrections on her website. So I suppose I'll write her.

Blog Redux
I stupidly managed to delete the e-mails from my new web host, which included my .ftp password, so they've just last night resent them. Once I get home tonight, I'll spend some time getting the blog onto It's not hard, it just takes some time. All the graphics need to be uploaded as well. You will need to use after today, so bear that in mind.

I'm looking at various and sundry templates to use for my blog redesign. Over the next few weeks, I imagine I will find something to my liking, with code that I can modify for my peculiar tastes. Or perhaps not. We'll see.

List Snooze
It's astonishing how many unread Knit U and Knit List digests I have piled up in that cyber bathroom I call my Inbox. Frankly, I find I'd rather play online poker than read the lists, when I have some spare time.

The stethoscope cover really did me in, though. Lately, my dependence upon others, such as Loopy and Kathy, to fill me in, is shocking.

I can't read that crap anymore. Knit U is so overmoderated, it's almost funny. Threads appear and just as quickly disappear, never to be mentioned by other readers again. For a list with supposedly 5,000+ members, there's not the volume of mail you see on the Knit List, which is also moderated.

I imagine that someone will tell me if and when the Tiny Diva and the X-men do a naked happy dance.

The Knit U Website
Train of thought on Knit U continues unabated. The X-men have finally decided to redesign the site. It's still ugly but at least it's now less cluttered and more easily navigated.

However, they've kept my favorite site page--the Knitter's Pros biographies. What a fucking scream this is. The Tiny Diva's bio is a classic, trust me. If you're a designer/writer/teacher, you can write your own bio and post it here. The reader quickly discovers who is articulate and who is a dope.

And there's some interesting people on this list. One of whom hasn't been around in quite some time.

Yep, while scanning their Pros in search of some lunchtime entertainment, I discovered that they've listed at least one knitting luminary who's fucking dead.

That's right, demised. Ceased to be. Not pining for the fjords. (Apologies to John Cleese.)

Can you find the dead knitting celeb?

I would love to create a bogus persona and see if they'll let me in to write a bio.

Could I be subtle enough to get away with that, yet blatant enough to zing them with a bio?

I may be rare and handy. Subtlety is not my strong suit.

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