Friday, February 04, 2005

Best Quote I Heard All Day
If there are no stupid questions, then what kind of questions do stupid people ask? Do they get smart just in time to ask questions?—Scott Adams

Here are the kinds of questions stupid people ask. For those of us who broke our “Delete” key last week getting rid of Knit List Survey responses, here’s one survey response that the List Moms didn’t have the cojones to publish, written by our own Lisa McNulty.

(If you don’t know what Riker’s Island is, you’ll figure it out from the answers.)

Lisa’s “Survee”
1. City/State/country—Riker's Island, NY
2. Mental age—3
3. Physical ageish if you care to share—I can't count higher than 20.
4. Occupation other than knitting goddess/god—Pole Dancer/Bioengineer, currently guest of the state
5. Hobbies other than the obvious if you have time—Golf, Strangling Animals and Masturbation
6. Taught to knit by—The sisters at the convent got me started, but it was my last round in the big house that really honed my skills. All that time in solitary...
7. Years knitting experience—15-20, with time off for good behavior
8. My favorite needles are—Carved out of old shivs I find abandoned in the showers.
9. My favorite place/time to knit is—Three words. Monster. Truck. Races.
10. Daily time spent knitting—After lights out
11. The most treasured object you have knitted—I've recently taken to knitting pot scrubbers out of old gum wrappers--does anyone have a pattern for a file?
12. My favorite yarn shop I have ever been in is—I did do a little shoplifting in the yarn section in the Walmart—never did time.
13. I tend to buy most of my yarn here—Buy?
14. OK, OK I admit I have approximately this many skeins in my
Stash—I can fit about 10 skeins in my mattress.
15. #Kids/#Grandchildren—None, but my cellmate's got a pile.

More Book Crap Coming Soon
I’ll post on Sunday the continuing saga of knitting books, this time focusing on lace and Fair Isle books worth owning. I’d be doing it today but I, um, don’t have access to my library at the present time, given that I’m not home. I like to have my resource materials in front of me so I don’t write off the top of my head.

You could call me detail-oriented. Or another name, if you wish.

I’m Mostly From Mars
There was some weird comment made on Joe’s blog about someone coming to my blog and not finding what they expected. My response: WTF would you expect? I suppose I need to worry about other people’s expectations of me? Not likely in this life. I rarely expect anyone to get what I'm about, knitters or non-knitters.

However, I did have a nifty moment with my boss, Gerry, the other day. Now, I love Gerry dearly. He’s a great guy and I figured that my knitting in the conference room at lunch wasn’t a big deal and that no one much noticed anyway. But I was totally blown away when he said, “You know, Mar, I love to see you knitting. You have such a passion for it, and that’s a really good thing.” Gerry understands that my passion for knitting translates into a passion for work. Or perhaps a passion for doing anything the best I can. He’s one of the few male non-knitters who gets it.

I guess knitting all those little hats and scarves for our stuffed eagle mascot Rocky meant something. Gack.

So keep your eyes peeled for a post on Sunday. After all, the Super Bowl is neither rare nor handy…and writing the blog certainly is.

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