Sunday, August 21, 2005

Best Quote I Heard All Day
I was at this restaurant. The sign said "Breakfast Anytime." So I ordered French Toast in the Renaissance.--Steven Wright

John and I went to see The Aristocrats on Saturday. Brilliant. Go see it.

"The Aristocrats" is an incredibly disgusting joke that has been around for years. The movie, a documentary, features a shitload of well-known comedians doing the joke, discussing the creativity involved in the joke and making you glad that we still have free speech in this country.

Here's the joke, as done by South Park's Cartman. Warning: Get your kids out of the room before you play this.

My sense of humor is strictly sophomoric in a Teutonic kind of way.

Although Steven Wright has always been one of my very favorite comedians. Along with Rita Rudner and Robin Williams.

Happy Birthday, Ma
This afternoon I hosted my mother's 82nd Birthday Barbecue. Everyone showed up except for daughter Jenn, who is on vacation out at the SCA Pennsic Wars near Pittsburgh, and Liz, who is cruising towards Bermuda with her father.

I gave her a Vivian Hoxbro vest kit from Harrisville called Ocean.

Told her it will keep her from senility. So of course she immediately takes out the directions and starts reading them.

I like Hoxbro's shadow knitting, which is very interesting, and really dislike her "Domino" knitting, which is nothing short of more modular crap. This will be a bit of a challenge for Mammy.

I'm still not sure why everyone decided to give her their presents in the kitchen. I think the Queen of Chaos, my sister, started the giftgiving frenzy there so that everyone could get in my way. And so it goes in my family.

She's Like A Rainbow
Lousy Stones song from when they were trying to outpsychedelicize The Beatles. I'm hoping my kid will win me tickets to one of their concerts because A) I will not pay $800 to see them in Hartford, which is the best I could do on the internet and B) Mick and Keith are older than I am by seven years, so this may be their last tour. I saw them twice in 1964 and 1965. I want to see them one more time.

But the point of the title is actually this:

Nice, eh? A bag o' merino in rainbow colors--19 of them, to be exact--courtesy of Ashford. I got this on vacation and have been visualizing how I might spin this mass of color into sock yarn that would not diminish the vibrancy. Here are my thoughts.

  • Pick x number of colors and spin ~6 inch lengths of each color, over and over. Then Navaho-ply them.
  • Spin each color by itself, then set up the color changes during plying i.e., ply six inches in singles of one color, then switch both singles to another.
  • OR ply using one single in one color and the other single in a complementary color, then switch after six inches.
  • OR maybe just spin each color by itself and use for Fair Isle, bi-color slip stitch or whatever. This seems to be the sanest thing to do, in my opinion.

There's enough in the bag to fuck around with any and all of the above. This is a project for the Joy while watching TV. The Matchless is for spinning Starry Night, which may end up being used as weft for a weaving project of unknown design.

If I had fibroids, I'd spin them. No doubt.

Will No One Rid Me of This Meddlesome Yarn?
I thought I would have been finished with the Estonian shawl. It is no longer a scarf, for sure. But the Morehouse quad skein belies its 880 yards. The fucking ball never ends. I honestly thought it would have been finished this weekend. The ball, albeit smaller, continues on.

This project will come to an end this week. It's beginning to lose not only its rareness but its handiness as well. Nonetheless, it's been a very enjoyable schmatteh to knit. I'll wear it to Stitches, I suppose. Since it's bound to be 85 degrees on September 23rd, when I'm going.

You know the KnitDweebs will be wearing their Homespun Einstein jackets and their Wool-Ease Kaffe Fassett ensembles. And you know I'll be there too, photographing them in their natural environment.

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