Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Best Quote I Heard All Day
I really don't think, I just walk--Paris Hilton

Have we yet had enough of these bimbos? Paris, Lindsay, Britney. Now that Anna Nicole is gone, I guess the media needs to focus on other idiots, rather than more important things.

Open Mic Tuesday
I haven't forgotten that it's Tuesday. Yeah, it's late Tuesday. OK, work gets in the way again. What can I say?

I stand corrected on the spelling of "mic" by my dear Selma and Lisa-Lisa, who know. Short for microphone. The editor needs editing, too. And this week's Open Mic topic was contributed by a certain Wolvie who shall remain incognito, unless she wishes to make herself known. And no, it's not Merrick.

Is anybody else sick unto death of the various oh-so-veddy-cool bloggers who are all coming out with new (probably mostly unreadable) books and their entirely too self-congratulatory entries about all the Famous Knitters they hobnobbed with at TNNA and the book expo?

OK, gang, have fun. More this weekend, when I will work in an entry about the oh-so-veddy-cool, rare and handy Campanula lace jacket, which is actually almost half done. Shit, the last time I was cool was in 1967.

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