Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Damned Cobwebs

Yes, I'm here. And well.

Almost two months have gone by. Why? Because I've been totally disinterested in blogging, to be honest. It's taken me this long to get the urge to write in the evening, other than on my book. FaceBook and occasionally Twitter both give me the opportunity to drop a sentence here and there in a nanosecond. Blogging is another story.

I was on the brink of ditching the blog entirely, closer than I've ever been. And then, I thought, why the fuck should I trash something that's consumed a better part of seven years. Dumb.

So what have I been doing, besides working on my book? A lot of knitting, some spinning, and weaving too. Lots of designing going on here. No more knitting OP's stuff. I'm thoroughly enjoying my own creations. I will be publishing these patterns--some lace scarves, mitts done in Mini Mochi, a nice new yarn from Crystal Palace, a lace jacket made from CotLin, and a few other items.

I knocked out this Baby Surprise Jacket for a coworker whose daughter just had another baby.
The buttons are little stegosauruses. The yarn is Limbo Mexiko sock yarn. I haven't made one of these in 17 years, when the Punk Princess was born. It's mind numbing but makes for a good present and perfect TV knitting.

Jerry and I have had a wonderful summer so far. Been down the shore. See picture below, taken at Seaside Heights, one of the Jersey shore's finer trashy places.
So this post is short. But from now on, I will be posting regularly, in bits and pieces. The blog redesign, which I had hoped to do on the Mac, may be put off for a month or two. But in the meanwhile, my 7th blog anniversary is the 25th (note that I eschewed "blogiversary", it being an idiotic word), so maybe we can celebrate my resurrection, eh?

After all, even though I maybe MIA, I'm still learning to be rare and handy.

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