Sunday, July 25, 2010

Number 8, Number 8, Number 8

Best Quote I Heard All Day
 I put all my genius into my life; I put only my talent into my works--Oscar Wilde

Yet another year passes.

I was trying to come up with some kind of witty surprise for my 8th blog birthday but the ole brain just ain't cranking out smart, snappy shit today.

Honest to God, my first entry on July 25, 2002, was a snorer. However, after that one, I got into the swing of things. I just reread the next entry, The KC's Top 10 List of Overrated Knitting Fads, and I have to say, knitting hasn't changed much. I still consider these ten items overrated. I might add a few more, though. Magic Loop being one. I know, lots of people love it. I find it more trouble than it's worth. Feel free to add to the list.

The History of the Knitting Curmudgeon
Going back to 1997, on the KnitList, I often got myself into flame wars because I refused to kiss knitting asses and frequently put the KnitDweebs on the spot when they acted like they knew all there was about knitting. And knew virtually nothing. That didn't stop them from running their cyber mouths.  I recall one biggie with the then-ubiquitous GM Almalfitano. Old timers will remember that one. She's now an Episcopal nun. God bless her. Heh.

Christmas 1998--Jimmy's birthday. I decided to buy him a copy of The Portable Curmudgeon. He laughed his ass off...but the word "curmudgeon" lodged itself in my head. At that time, we were on AOL, which offered simple websites for members. AHA! I decided it would be fun to make my own website and call it "The Knitting Curmudgeon." I wrote an essay on the origins of Aran knitting, had a section called "The Anatomy of a Knitting Disaster," and other knitting-related items whose topics I have forgotten after 12 years.

I updated The Knitting Curmudgeon occasionally, and people from the KnitList actually read it. By 2000, though, I was busy at work, going through a web development course, so I pretty much abandoned the website.

January 31, 2002. My world as I knew it was destroyed. My beloved Jimmy died suddenly after a short illness, acute myelogenous leukemia, and I was left bereft, bereaved, and lost. I struggled with my grief, shored up my guts, and continued on, not knowing where I was going but wending the wayward road back to life. On July 25th, I found the wayward road's emergency shoulder. Blogger.

WTF is a blog? A "weblog"? Could this be a project that would take my mind off my sorrow? I loved to write and it hit me that this might be a good way to exercise my skills.  I don't remember how I found out about blogs. Probably read about them in the NY Times. I remember the first blog I ever read was Bonne Marie Burns's Chic Knits. Cool! And then there was Chunky Delicious, another wonderful knitting blog. Stacey Joy's RedLipstick, Carrieoke's Knitting Blog. That was about it. This was long before the big blogs--Yarn Harlot and Wendy came a bit later.  I was psyched. So hence, The Knitting Curmudgeon became a blog.

Over time, I wrote about my life as well as knitting and then spinning. My gawd-awful dates and boyfriends. One of my favorite entries is Date-zilla. I don't think I'll EVER forget that one! It's the August 31, 2002 post, if you're interested. And then, there was Achim, the Nasty German, JT who I almost forgot about, and a few more one-hit wonders. With Liz growing up and dyeing her hair a ghastly blue, she became the Punk Princess. My mother, always an inspiration, made cameo blog appearances. And then there's Scrappy, my sister the scrapbooker. A cast of characters, indeed.

My spinning improved while writing the blog, with other bloggers being my inspiration. I was so impressed with ttheir spinning that I finally sat down at my Matchless, which had been gathering dust in the living room, and got up to spinning speed, so to speak. Just to toss in a picture to break up the text, here's my final Tour de Fleece silk laceweight.  Chasing Rainbows is wonderful shit! I shoulda put a penny in the strands for reference. Bite me.

The best thing about writing the blog is the wonderful friends I have made. Readers all of them, some of whom I've met in person, others who I hope to meet at Rhinebeck this year. Of course, there have been a few trolls whom I had to ban from the comments, one person in particular comes to mind, a witch who I suspect is a borderline personality and who has spread her hateful spewings on other blogs as well as mine. I won't name names but she is a "designer." Yeah, so to speak. And then there was the onslaught of the Purling Puppies, members of the webring of the same name, whose delicate egos I offended when I mocked their puppies 'n' knitting fixations--they flooded my comments with shrill shrieks. Shit, I have a puppy but Sam has nothing to do with my fiberwork.

As I always say, I write for myself, not for others. I knit and design for myself, not for others. But the Others mean the world to me. That's YOU, skanks. The Tontant Weaders who've followed me on my knitting and occasionally bipolar journey are rare and handy. OK, enough of this shit. I have knitting and spinning to do.


Anonymous said...

happy 8th and that silk is beyond beautiful.

marie in florida

anne marie in philly said...

happy anniversary, marilyn!

I went back and read the second blog entry...having just finished EZ's pie r square shawl in BBF alpaca, I disagree...carol and kathy loved how it was making up when they saw it in november 09...but yeah, garter stretches like a mofo otherwise.

speaking of the tiny diva in your first post, did she get chunky or what; have you seen pix of her lately?

thank you for allowing this skank to read your thoughts...and many many more blog posts to come!

Donna in VA said...

Happy 8th! Your blog is definitely one of the most entertaining to read IMHO

Kat said...

Happy Anniversary! Your blog is entertaining, and I've learned a ton about knitting either directly from something you've posted, or because what you wrote made me think. Thank you. :)

Cheryl said...

Your AOL site had a sock pattern, because, you said, "People expect free shit" on a web site. I wasn't knitting then, but remember thinking, "People actually DO that?" It sounded crazy, but also intriguing.

Happy anniversary, and thanks for putting the idea of knitting socks in my brain. I took up knitting again, and learned to spin, and have had a lot of fun along the way.

Bonnita said...

Happy 8th! I've been a lurker here for many years now, and yours being one of the first blogs I started reading many moons ago now. Thanks for the ride!

Marilyn said...

Cheryl, you sure have a better memory than I do! It must have been the Leaves of Grass sock pattern that was on the website. I just redid it--download link is on the sidebar now. AM, the Pie r Square is fine for beginning lace knitters, I think. And yeah, Tiny Diva seems to have put on the pounds. I can't speak to her weight, since I'm trying to lose myself.

anne marie in philly said...

"the Pie r Square is fine for beginning lace knitters, I think." - yeah, that's where I'm at; I chose it not because it's all garter stitch, but because the design would show off carol's alpaca BBF to its full advantage.

"And yeah, Tiny Diva seems to have put on the pounds. I can't speak to her weight, since I'm trying to lose myself." - as a fat big beautiful luscious person myself...just found it interesting that she is no longer "tiny". eh, so goes life.

have a good week!

Carol said...

Dangerous Chunky! I loved her.
Happy Blogiversary!

Marilyn said...

Dangerous Chunky! You're right, C! I thought I had it wrong but my old fucking brain is fried. That's my excuse.

Fiber said...

Happy Anniversary! I read you back in the day and some of those names were like a flash back to the past.

I had a knitting blog back then too (24 Knits) and was also a member of the hallowed Knitlist (and the flamers list, which was much more delighful).

Thanks for keeping us laughing.

FiberQat said...

Thank you for continuing to blog, Mar. You are as Dr House said to the rehab bouncer "A ray of sunshine on a cloudy day." Not to mention rare and handy. See you in October.

Gauss said...

Happy blogiversary!

Thérèse said...

Happy anniversary - your posts are always a witty & welcome diversion, whenever they pop up. Thank you! And BTW - I've been spinning Chasing Rainbows silk on my Matchless too. But it's nowhere near as pretty as yours...

Susie B said...

Happy 8th Blogiversary, Marilyn. I love reading your work.