Friday, June 11, 2004

Stop It Right Now

I am only going to say what I have to say once. So listen up.

I have to say, I am truly sorry to see my comments for June 7 in this state.

First off, let me say this: I did not realize that Greta the dog was dead--for some reason, the "Memorial" part of it passed me by. Must have been a brain fart, which I've been having many of this past week. Honestly. Having lost a pet myself last year, I sympathize sincerely. Losing a pet is very, very hard. So I do apologize on that front.

I do not apologize for any of my comments about the shallowness displayed by some of the people who have posted. Actually, the person who made the comment about age having nothing to do with maturity is absolutely correct.

I find including cutsey comments about one's pets on a blog to be silly. That's all I ever said in my initial entry. I find that treating animals like humans even sillier. It is the kind of thing I would expect from kids, and which is appropriate for kids to do.

What I do care about is knitting, which is why my blog is pretty much devoted to that. I am telling ALL of you now to stop this back-and-forth crap. Anyone, be it a regular reader or someone from the Purling Puppies, who posts one more stupid comment is going to be banned from commenting. I have already banned a number of people and I have absolutely no qualms about doing so, as you know. For those people who have come here from Carrie's blog looking for a fight, please go back to your knitting and learn how to do it well, if you don't already.

In the final analysis, my greatest concern, and one that I've discussed here many times, is the dumbing-down of knitting. I take my knitting very seriously. It's my craft, my sanity-keeper, and something that I do well. I would hope that I offer my readers not only my take on the knitting scene, but also some of my knitting know-how. Those of you who have written to me privately with knitting questions know that I always answer you and always help you out. And I always will. I never turn away anyone, on the blog or privately, who wants to learn more about knitting.

That said, instead of bitching at each other, wouldn't it make better sense to add something to my Comments that's of value? There's a lot of talent among my readers, some of whom I know personally. Let's use that talent for more constructive purposes.

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