Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Ah, Tontant Weaders. It’s been so long and I’ve been so incapable of writing anything.

Drug side effects can be hard-hitting. For several weeks, I’ve been dealing with a menu of pharmaceutically caused ailments—tremors, lack of focus, continual grogginess, short-term memory loss—so that all I’ve been able to do (and barely, at that) is get my ass to work. Oh yeah, I managed to knit one sock in between tremor attacks. Spinning was out of the question.

The cure can be worse than the disease. But thankfully, my pdoc added another medication to the mix, which after several weeks has relieved the side effects. I’ve just started to feel normal the past three days. My hands don’t shake nearly as much, I manage to stay awake, and I can think again. Yay thinking! Yay psychotropic drugs! Boy, it’s great to be back in the land of the living.

So yes, I’ll be posting soon. Just wanted to let you know that I haven’t forgotten you and that I’m proud to be the Bipolar Poster Girl.

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