Saturday, March 19, 2005

Best Quote I Heard All Day
Writing is not necessarily something to be ashamed of, but do it in private and wash your hands afterwards.--Robert Heinlein

The comment that Carol made about me and Joe writing only when we have something to say is right on the money. Besides not wishing to bore my readers, I don't want to bore myself. But I started thinking about blogging in general and how my blog differs from other blogs.

So what's the difference between me and other knitting bloggers?

  • They put pictures of Beanie Babies on their blogs. I have the famous Bipolar Betty.
  • They do random acts of kindness. I do random acts.
  • They have "children" who resemble felines. I have a feline who resembles a cat.
  • They keep you updated on their hairstyle changes. I keep you updated on my med changes.
  • They work a full-time job and knit at least three major projects a month. I work a full-time job and can't finish a fucking pair of socks.
  • They check their web hits three times a day. I check my web hits once a year, when I can remember where the stats are.
  • They sponsor knitalongs. I sponsor crapalongs.
  • They whine about their health problems in every entry. I whine about mine but only because it's cool to be manic-depressive.
  • They eat Peeps. I eat Cadbury Creme Eggs. And any expensive chocolate available.
  • They've been knitting for years. I've been knitting longer.
  • They expect their blog readers to send them shit. I pray none of mine do.
  • They expect flowery, insipid comments from their readers. My readers know what I expect.

But...if I were to be like everyone else and write constantly about my boring life, my daily blog entry might read something like this:

I Made Some Progress...Yay!

I'm so excited! Today was just perfect, like all my days are. (I'll be telling you about my haircut later.)

This morning, I woke up at 5:30 a.m., like I always do, and let John take a shower first. I stumbled downstairs, put on some coffee, drank a cup, showered, and made mental notes not to forget to take my medicine and put my cell phone in my bag. Then it was off to my fabulous job as Operations Manager. Of course, my knitting bag was right next to me in the passenger's seat, strapped in for safety's sake, just in case I got a lunch hour today.

Sitting in traffic for an hour and a half on I80 is such a joy! Gives me time to listen to the news, drink my coffee, and stare mindlessly at the car ahead of me. Nothing like doing 10 miles an hour. Life is too fast anyway. Getting to work by 8:30 is a challenge I enjoy.

Sadly, I had to forgo the knitting and lunch because this cutsey little spreadsheet I was working on that was due at 3 decided that my numbers were wrong, so I had to redo the calculations. Darn work. Gets in the way of knitting.

The rest of the day was spent making phone calls, arranging for our booth at a trade show, fixing someone's computer, developing a Statement of Work, and sneaking a look at my personal e-mail in between tasks.

And then at 5:30-6 p.m. it's another thrilling plod along I80 back to Allamuchy, where Cleo, my darling kittywoodums, is waiting for me. Along the way, John and I enjoy many cell phone conversations about how the traffic sucks and where we are in relation to the other.

Oh boy, it's 7:30 p.m. and time for dinner! John and I threw some crap into the wok steamer, usually spinach and some kind of fish. By 8:30, I'm ready to answer e-mail and knit. By 9, I fell asleep over my knitting watching CourtTV. BUT. I got a quarter inch knitted on my sock! YAY!

Life is good.

Obligatory Knitting/Spinning Crap

No pictures this entry because I really haven't done much. I'm sure you'd be thrilled to see the quarter-inch on the sock or the bobbin of Starry Night (which is almost full but still looks the same as last week).

I think I need to break my 3 project rule and do something that will get my juices going. Or pick up the Forest Path Stole again. I'm ready for it now that my mind is squared away. This sock is just not what I feel like doing, although I could use a new pair.

And no, I am not considering the Clapotis. However, I do have some wonderful Morehouse laceweight that has potential. Stay tuned.

Junk Mail

In case anyone's interested, House of White Birches sent me an offer in the mail yesterday for their Big-Needle Knit Afghans book. As they say in their letter to "Knitting-loving Friend," "It's hip. It's cool. It's the new passion and fashion."

Hey, everything is on #13s and #15s. How could I turn this one down? If I buy now, they'll send me the needles for FREE.

If I like the book, I only pay four installments of $5.99. AND I get the "best-ever" needles too, which I can keep forever.

I'm sure they'll sell thousands of this rare and handy book.

(Oh, and happy belated 40th birthday to Bipolar Betty's mom, Carol. You're the best, C.)

An addendum to this morning's post: Liza and I both have pink Chibis. Isn't that wonderful? Instead of knitting a lithium bottle cozy, perhaps I shall knit a cover for my pink Chibi that I have named YumYum.

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