Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Best Quote I Heard All Day
Spring is nature's way of saying, "Let's party!"--Robin Williams

I'm ready for this...

But not for this...

Just when you thought there were no further moronic uses for Fun Fur, here come the flip-flop covers. Yes indeedy, another fabu use for my personal favorite trash "yarn."

After reading a request on the Twit List for the pattern, I decided to do my own research on this knitting abomination. And lo! DIY Network, home to Knitty Gritty, features a freebie pattern. Of course, you can buy them pre-made at Suzzees Fuzzee Shoozees. If the music doesn't give you the fatal heebee jeebees, the trailing sunflower cursor will, guaranteed. The picture above is one of Suzzee's Fuzzee Shoozees. Yum.

Thank God for the KnitDweebs. I can always depend upon them to trash the craft in a double-wide way.

More Fun Fur Fun

Yes, I admit to owning one ball of this marvelous stuff. And do you know why? Because I know that there is much you can do creatively with it besides knit.

I'm previewing some crafty ideas from my upcoming book, Hip Crap Crafts the Creative Way That You Can Make in 5 Minutes.

First, for all you kittee woodums lovers, the ever-so-chic Boa Catstrictor:

Cleo thinks this reeks and wonders where her catnip treat is for being abused.

Next, for all your suicidal bipolar friends, Bipolar Betty models the latest Fun Fur handy craft.

If you're strung out, get fashionably strung up.

And finally, for those dental hygiene freaks, what could be more alluring and more productive than using a strand of Fun Fur floss that you make yourself.

Scissors and skill not required.

So you see, it's not necessary to know how to knit to create magical accessories from Fun Fur.

Don't pay someone to do it, be rare and handy and come up with your own ideas. And have a fun Fun Fur time!

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