Saturday, June 17, 2006

Best Quote I Heard All Day
Writing is easy. You only need to stare at a piece of blank paper until your forehead bleeds--Douglas Adams

You want to talk about supperating open sores? Mere bagatelles.

There's a bucket o' blood beneath my computer at work.

Only imagine trying to create coherent directions on how to burn a flash card using WinImage for those intrepid users who need to install mobile units, and you'll feel my pain.

I've been out of touch and out of my fucking mind. But I'm here, still writing.

And Still, It's the Melanie
Yepper, as they say in Pennsyltucky. I'm still at it and it's the only knitting I've been doing for how long? Three months? I'm on the border now, with 104 rounds + 4 plain at the end. Oh, and don't forget the "lacy cast-off."

I wasn't going to publish a picture until it was on Corinne's back but it's such a fetching little bag of lace, I thought, why not?

Here's the best detail shot I could manage, given that there are countless stitches now on a 29" circular needle.

The wedding is a week from today. I have done 20 rounds. Do the math. I'm fucked, right? Perhaps not. I have all day today and tomorrow to put my carpal tunnel syndrome into full-blown activity. Plus oddments of time from Monday through Thursday and all day Friday.

Please light a candle for me, say a Novena or a Nelson Mandela or whatever the fuck you believe in. Because this shawl will be finished, even if I block it the night before in the hotel.

I hate deadlines.

Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Etsy Blacky Bunny Fibery Goodness
If you haven't bought any stuff from Black Bunny, Miss Carol's fine online yarn and fiber emporium, what's wrong with you? I couldn't wait any longer to spin some of the Pansy Corriedale-ish fiber that I bought from her and it was almost as good as sex with a dark-haired man. Heh.

I'm spinning it a bit heavier than I normally do so's I can get it to become fingering weight for a pair of socks. Haven't done a wpi yet. I needed a break from knitting the Melanie the other evening, so I decided to spin a bit. And with two full bobbins of the Emerald City, I need to spend some time plying that, as well. Not happening this week or next.

Presents of Mind
Here's why I love Ted, besides the fact that he's such an incredible knitter and spinner. He's a good friend who worries about me when I'm up to my neck in work and then sends me a little present to make me even crazier.

On the right is the new mohair that Sharon Miller is selling. I will definitely be taking this to Virginia next weekend to play with. Sharon gives you a miniature Orenburg shawl pattern with the samples.

Do ya think I've had enough lace? Nope, because soon I'll be starting the Wedding Ring shawl with Ted, Franklin and Loopy. This is not a knitalong. This is just four idiots who want to gnash their teeth in unison.

At the rate I'm going, it's unlikely that I will be knitting anything other than lace this year, socks excluded. Oh yeah, and probably that KnitPicks Fair Isle vest that Mammy gave me for my birthday. Compared to lace, Fair Isle is now a slight diversion.

Luddite? Me?
This past week, I was gifted with a Blackberry at work. Now, I ask you. Do I need this?

No. I already have a cell phone and I most certainly do not want to be available 24/7 to anyone, which is why I am known not to answer my cell phone if I don't know who the caller is.

Here's why I consider myself a Luddite. I hate techology, even though I work in the industry. I don't like the idea that people can call me any fucking time they want. I work for a company that provides systems for other companies to track their "mobile assets." I'm waiting for the time when people walk around with their own personal GPS systems on their bodies so that Big Brother knows where they are every minute.

I don't like this at all.

We can know where anyone is at any given time these days. And although I appreciate the benefits that I've gotten from being part of the problem, there are times when I'd be just as happy to not know what the latest technology is. Unfortunately, since I am a writer, the computer will always play some part in my life because I'm too fucking lazy to write longhand.

So there it is. I now own a cellphone, a Blackberry, a desktop, a laptop, a DVD player, an iPod, and a cordless phone. That's as far as I'm willing to take it, and perhaps further than I need to.

A cabin in the woods by a lake. With no phone, no TV, and perhaps just my iPod so I can listen to Telemann and Gilbert & Sullivan in peace.

Being a private person is rare and handy. And private I am, despite this blog.

Next post: Live next Saturday, from Williamsburg, VA. Wherein you will find out if I actually finished the Melanie.

Note to readers: There's been a minor coding problem. That is, your idiot blogger, while making some upgrades, managed to delete some code. I've now replaced it but the Haloscan comments, while still coded, are not showing up. So I will give the Blogger comments a go. We'll see how it goes. Could be Haloscan is having problems. Or not.


Marilyn said...

This works, at least. Jeez, what a dope. And I should know better than to change coding when I'm tired.

Anyway, I may go with this and get rid of Haloscan altogether. The only reason I had it was because when I began blogging almost four years ago, Blogger did not have commenting integrated into their publishing software. So let's see if the Haloscan comments reappear.

Mel said...

In my former life with the cheatin' ex, I only had a cell phone, but mostly so I wouldn't have to give evil Verizon any more money. Now David has one (from evil Verizon) for travel and most days I feel no need or desire for another one. We get no TV reception, so that's only for watching DVD's/videos, and now that I got an antenna for the stereo, we can actually get NPR at home. The 'Net is my biggest electronic vice, but there are days when I think I'd be fine chucking that, too.

I'll get out my cheerleading skirt and shake my pom-poms for you on the Melanie, but please don't call it the Mel. It confuses me. :-)

Kathy Merrick said...

Blah blah blah Technoblurbing...
wait...which dark-haired man?

Deborah C. said...

Hmm... we have 3 cell phones that do nothing but be phones (mine, my husband and my eldest daughter), 3 desktops, 1 laptop (my husband's, he carts it back & forth from work), the non-mobile dvd players and the portable with 2 screens for movies while driving, and 2 PDAs. No Ipods - it's getting too technical as it is. I will keep my fingers crossed for you to finish Melanie, just remember to take those 10-minute breaks to avoid cramping up.

marie in florida said...

i'm so techno-challenged i don't even understand what it is you said you are trying to write instructions for.
but i do know it's a joke when my son says the government can now track me because of the strip in the new monies.
that IS a joke right?
your little bag o'noodley lace is a beautiful color. athena's grace for the rest of the project.

Marilyn said...

No Haloscan? Screw 'em. I'll leave these comments as is. Not in the mood, especially when I found a mistake on Rnd 25, where she has 11 plain stitches typed out, and where it's actually 13. Had to rip out the first repeat. Feh.

Kath, I will 'splain offline.

Kathy Merrick said...

Ooh, let's all list whatever techno devices we have...endlessly.
So much more riveting than talking about knitting...
or dark-haired men.

Anonymous said...

Missed you; damn job getting in the way?

As a reluctant techno-something, I remember thinking "why does anyone need a cell phone? Can't they wait until they get to a land phone?" Then came several cells, with and without cameras; two pda's; a Blackberry, PC, laptop, digital camera. The wires and chargers alone almost made my suitcase go over the weight limit on my last trip! However, without technology we wouldn't be able to read your pearls...

Can't wait to see the finished Melanie, which I'm sure will be ready on time, even if you're weaving in as Corinne walks down the aisle. Now, breathe...

Joe said...

First and foremost, glad to see you had time to breathe/blog. As far as hectic days at work go, I can only say that they make the "normal" workload days boatloads more calm and enjoyable in comparison.

The Melanie shawl is looking spectacular. I always love when knitting and drama collide, so I love knitting deadlines.

As for technology, I find it endlessly fascinating, although I could easily go without a cell phone except for emergencies. Like Kathy, other than Marilyn, I don't really care how luddite or non-luddite readers are.

marie in florida said... eyes! ache my heart, sigh. thanks Mar; for showing me the way to KnitterGuy.
in the world of Knitters i will always be a dilettante.
the best part of my stupid cell fon is that i don't have to give anyone the number

Lee said...

In re: "I'm waiting for the time when people walk around with their own personal GPS systems on their bodies so that Big Brother knows where they are every minute."

There was a pretty frightening story on Marketplace Money (
about companies such as The Gap putting tracking systems in their products. Their reasoning is that the systems would give them the ability to track the usage of the products so they are more able to target their goods to specific groups (or even to you personally). All in the best interests of the consumer, of course. Um. Right.

Kathy Merrick said...

Whoa, whoa...wait while my heart stops pounding.
I am NOT being "ironic" here...
that June link is terrifying.
I hate it.

Now, "the best thing about my stupid cell 'fon' is I don't have to give anyone the number"?
Presumably you have other peoples' numbers you can call, or why do you have the "stupid cell 'fon'"?
This borders on the irrational?
Or do you just want us to know how laid back and non-techno cool you are?

Please stop the gadgetbabble, hen, it tends to bring out the nonreasonable.

Mary said...

This morning as I was walking the dog, I heard the unmistakable clacking of a typewriter through a neighbor's open window. Initially, I thought, "How quaint." But then I realized that if the window is open, the poor dears probably don't even have air conditioning!

Loopy said...

Why are June's militaristic kitties singing in German but wearing Soviet army uniforms?

michelene said...

Those commies all look the same to me. If you haven't read it Mar, you may get a chuckle out of "The Murderer" by Ray Bradbury. It's in "The Golden Apples of the Sun", "The Stories of Ray Bradbury", and my high school lit book. I start every summer by rereading "Dandelion Wine".