Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Done and Done

Blocked at 1:30 a.m. Saturday morning. Worn at 3 p.m.

Joe is right--there's nothing like knitting drama. And T-pins in the hotel carpet and plenty of Ramada towels.

I've been too tired to write, what with an almost 10-hour drive home Sunday through the unbelievable mess that is the metro DC area right now. And my daughter Jenn and boyfriend Norm had it even worse. They left at 4:30 Sunday afternoon and did not make it back to Jersey until 9 yesterday morning.

But the weather held up for the nuptials.

Here's one more picture of the shawl hanging over the four-poster at The Cedars--a fabulous B&B in Williamsburg.

You might notice that I only got 42 of the 104 edging rounds. In my book, that's not finishing the project. But the bride was happy and it got many compliments in the 90+ degree heat. I told her to take it off after the wedding ceremony. She did.

And although Liz forgot to pack her "special" shoes and had to wear flipflops under her dress, everything went off as planned.

Here are the Sisty Uglers. My girls. Two different coins but both pretty shiny.

And die ganze Familie.

From left: Leslie, Ken and Judy Snider, Liz, Mike, Corinne, Ma and Jenn

And I'm tired and glad to be home.

But most of all, my one thought was: I wish Corinne's dad had been there.

I think he was hiding under the gazebo's eaves. She done did good, Jimmy.

My rare and handy girl.

Back to fiber shit this weekend. And now to bed.

Addendum: The Cedars just put up all the wedding pictures so if you really want to swear off the Ambien, try this.


M-H said...

You done good, Ma. Look back with pride.

Christina said...

Mar, it is amazing that one daughter looks like your husband and the other like you! That is how my brother and I turned out- I look like my da and my brother like ma'man.

Pam said...

Congrats on the beautiful shawl (done is done - it's in the pictures!) and beautiful daughters. You have a right to be proud & pleased! Thanks for sharing. (I LOVE that pretty blue with the white gown - what a great choice).

karen said...

The shawl is wonderful - congratulations on a great job under extreme pressure. Both you and your daughters look gorgeous in the photos.

LaurieM said...

Looks like a wonderful family. Liz is cute as a button, flip-flops and all. My two boys are like your girls, totally different, each one taking after their own side of the family. I call them my salt and pepper shakers and life is more spicy because of them.

I'd like to see a close up of the shawl. It's hard to see in your pics, even though it looks lovely on the bride.

Corbie said...

Congrats! I'm glad the weather held off for the wedding.

Weddings are exhausting, aren't they? But worth it.

Please do post close-ups of the shawl. I'm back to slogging through the border of a plain ol' hap shawl (Old Shale), and it's SO boring. Really should've picked something more interesting for this project.

Debbi said...

I got a little misty when you mentioned missing Jimmy. Looks like a lovely wedding ... he'd have been so proud.

Lisa said...

I do believe he was there. Beautiful shawl. Congratulations!!

laura gayle said...

Mar-congratulations on both the shawl and the beautiful girls. I looked at the Cedars photos, and there are some lovely ones with the shawl as a foil for the jewelery. And you look great too!

Anne in NJ said...

Beautiful! Just beautiful! The smiles of the bride and groom as they gaze at each other tell the whole story. And Liz looks lovely, too. Congratulations, and thanks for sharing the picture link - I love to look at family photos.
Small knitting tragedy here on the Shore--I broke my Holz and Stein rosewood needle with my Icarus shawl in progress. Rescued the stitches with another needle, tiny difference in size. Hoping it doesn't show. It all blocks out, right?
Regards from the Shore,

JR said...

Congratulations to all! You all look great and glad the weather was cooperative. I know the Unc. was looking down laughing and smiling proudly. Your work is always great, shawl and daughters.

susan noethen said...

a beautiful bride, a beautiful shawl, a beautiful family, and dontchaknow, jimmy was sittin' on your shoulder the whole time.
blessings to you and your lovely family.

Sarah said...

Gorgeous shawl and a beautiful wedding.

I am sure you are a very proud Mom!

Anonymous said...

thank you for posting your beautiful pictures. happily, everything turned out well for you and your family.

ditto on the up-close-and-personal shawl pictures!

anne marie in philly

Anna Marie from Chicago said...

Your girls are just beautiful - and mom looks wonderful! The shawl looks done to me and what a lovely piece of art to wear on a wedding day! You are blessed and are a blessing to others. Thank you for continuing to share on your blog -

L. D. said...

Amazingly beautiful bride! Congrats!

Lizzie said...

Beautiful shawl, beautiful bride! But you knew that.

I'm sorry Jimmy couldn't have been there too. Times like these really remind us of the people we've lost.

MOG said...

The shawl, the bride, the family, all lovely. But it's always the shoes isn't it? What a beautiful day it must have been.

Marilyn said...

Thanks, guys. As often justly accused, I am a soft curmudgeon at heart, especially when it comes to family and friends. Jimmy was an extraordinary man and a wonderful dad.

Anne, I wouldn't sweat the slightly smaller size needle--are you going from a #1 to a #0? I doubt very much that it will make a diff once the Icarus is dressed. Now the purists can come after me with their long knives.

All I've been knitting this week is a pair of socks. I was going to mess with the Wedding Ring shawl but I think I will wait until Friday night.

obscure said...

A beautiful bride with an exquisite shawl, proud mom (and dad) and happy feet --what a wonderful beginning!

Franklin said...

Mar, the shawl looked perfect and she was a beautiful bride, and can I tell you - you looked wonderful, too.

Isela: Purling Sprite said...

Beautiful bride! The shawl adds the perfect touch to the dress.

BigAlice said...

The shawl is gorgeous, congratulations to you and your family.

I'm working on the Lily of the Valley Stole from Fiddlesticks Knitting and I've given up trying to get it done for the wedding (August 5th). I will be Oh So Good at nupps by the time I'm finished though. After that, socks will be all I want to do for at least a couple weeks, I think.

Missy said...

Beautiful !!!!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures and wonderful job on the shawl. Fantastic. Happiness, health and wealth to you and yours always!


Fredda said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures (yes, I looked at all of them!). The shawl looks gorgeous, as does the whole happy family. After a bit of rest, I hope you'll put up a large close-up of the shawl.

You should be proud!!

Karen said...

Silly, Liz didn't forget to pack her shoes - Corinne "forgot to tell me". Yes, it was all mom's fault.
personally, I liked the flip flops.
If any of you are heading to Williamsburg, the B&B was great! And the wedding was too!