Monday, July 03, 2006

Best Quote I Heard All Day
It is better of course to know useless things than to know nothing.--Tom Stoppard

My cranium is a cesspool of things useless to others but certainly not to me.

Case in point: I discovered my old "100 Things About Me" that I used to have on the blog. Completely outdated and more than useless.

And then I thought, why not do the Vanity Fair version of Proust's Questionnaire (which of course, wasn't created by Marcel; he just took it a couple of times).

Vanity Fair contains much in the way of useless things. But I think the questionnaire is ever so fucking erudite. And ultimately tells you much more about the individual than a laundry list of shit.

So here it is. I'll put it in the sidebar, eventually, along with April 25 and some other stuff.

The Wedding Ring Chronicles
I couldn't leave well enough alone and take a breather from the Melanie. I had to start swatching on the Wedding Ring shawl.

Loopy, Ted and Franklin will be joining me at the Wedding Ring Chronicles. I've already posted, Loopy is signed on as a team member and Franklin and Ted are clearly promenading around Chicago and ignoring all things cyber. As they should.

So check it out. I'll be posting about the shawl's progress there, not here.

Weekend Antix
Boy, all this time off and I can't decide what to do. Besides the Wedding Ring shawl, I was working on a pair of incredibly boring plain socks for Corinne and I needed something simple but juicy to work on when tired of gossamer merino.

So I found three skeins of Morehouse laceweight that I had bought this past winter while at Selma's and decided it would make a good enough stoopid scarf. All I could think of when looking at the colors were autumn leaves at sunset. Therefore, a leaf pattern was in order.

The picture actually came out a bit pinker than it really is but it makes for simple knitting and the yarn is thin enough so that I can knit it in the heat.

In the meanwhile, I finally sat down to ply some of the Emerald City, in between doing things around the house and working on the Wedding Ring swatch.

It's looking rather puppy-shit brown in the picture but if you look at the strand running along the Woolee Winder bar to the left, you can see that it's a lot more interesting than what you see on the bobbin. Very heathery, very muted, very different. I see a jacket in its future.

Sometime this fall, I will work the Starry Night into a shawl design that I'm doing for the book. That's been fermenting on my to-do list for a while.

They're Baaack.
The newlyweds have returned home, with Liz in tow. Corinne read all of your comments and says, "Thank you." And so do I. It's not often that we have a big family event anymore.

And now we get to look forward to moving. Again. Just to the next town over but it might as well be out of state. So I can see that this weekend will have to suffice for max fiberage until August.

Never a dull moment in this rare and handy life, that's for sure.


Mary R said...

As to questionnaire question number 3:

Your dad had your mother killed? Cool!

Ha! ELIZABETH is one of my favorite movies, and I am a sucker for historical novels set in the Tudor world. As to Hepburn, if you haven't read YOUNG KATE by Christopher Anderson, be sure to do so. Checked Amazon and it is out of print, but libraries should have it. It's a young adult biography of Hepburn, covering her life up to the point when she went to Hollywood. It includes the story of her parents and their fight for women's equality and access to birth control. Fascinating stuff.

Larjmarj said...

Puppy shit brown?


caroline said...

well done, chica. I've loved the Proust questionnaire for years. At one point I tortured all my friends with it. Was consistently surprised at the answers and these are people I've known for years. I do have a collection of favorites around here somewhere. thanks for putting it out here.

Joe said...

Excellent...a Curmudgeon-recommended survey. I'll have to take it and see what it reveals. Thanks for the link.

The leaf pattern for the variegated worked out very well, and the colors are exceptional.

I was just at Twist yesterday, and that place is magical. It doesn't have a lot of inventory, but it had EXACTLY what I was looking for. I don't know how she does it. But your spinning reminded me of something I saw there. Quite beautiful.

kmkatt said...

Delurking to say: Guess who was playing on my iTunes as I read your questionaire? Yup, Bonnie Raitt, singing "Love Has No Pride."

I'd never seen Proust's q'aire. Thanks for introducing me to it!

Anonymous said...

"I'd never seen Proust's q'aire. Thanks for introducing me to it!" -I'm with kmkatt on this one. will be answering these questions over the next few days.

hope the newlyweds had a great time on their trip.

good luck with your move!

anne marie in philly

Anonymous said...

I've found few enough people who even know of Ignatius J Reilly, let alone admire him. One of the truest characters ever drawn in fiction (I grew up in Louisiana, the book was absolutely on target). Sadly, I think Katrina destroyed the ultimately quirky character of the real New Orleans. Many of those characters have been dispersed to soul-less cities like Houston, Atlanta, and Omaha.

Got something in the mail today I thought you'd appreciate- I thought of you immediately when I saw it. My mailer for Stitches East, in Baltimore this Nov. Flip to the center of the book for the schedule and the page header proclaims Class Schedule Stitches Midwest 2006. Another fine example of their editing!