Sunday, September 24, 2006

Best Quote I Heard All Day
Love is a snowmobile racing across the tundra and then suddenly it flips over, pinning you underneath. At night, the ice weasels come.--
Matt Groening

Ya gotta watch out for them ice weasels.

This weekend has been meritoriously spent with Joe, Kathy and the incomparable Thaddeus at lunch on Saturday, with a side trip to Twist, of course.

(This is the best I could do for pictures because I left the camera at home so the cell phone had to do. I'm awaiting the hideously unflattering pictures he took of me and Kathy to appear in his next blog entry.)

Twisted Sistah
I love Twist. It has to rank as one of my all-time favorite small shops. Yesterday was my third visit, with those inimitable fiber beasts, Joe and Kathy. Given that Rhinebeck is looming, pardon the sort-of pun, I really wasn't in buying mode. But I did buy a ball of Trekking.
and some Chasing Rainbows bombyx.

I don't anticipate buying a whole lot at Rhinebeck. First, because I've got more fiber than I can spin in a year and second, because other than Black Bunny and Chasing Rainbows, I haven't been terribly drawn to anything lately.

Although that can and probably will change once I wander the stalls in October.

BB Fibers
I know I've been raving like the manic-depressive I am about Carol's dyeing

but look what she sent me this week. This is a superwash blend that is perfect for socks. I'm going to test-drive it for her as soon as I get this silk bobbin filled that lives on the Joy right now. Carol had asked me what my preferred colors were and did she ever nail it. And she calls the colorway "Curmudgeon."

I've got BBF fiber sitting around doing nothing so

I decided to use some of the "South African wool" that Carol gave me for spindling. (As you can tell, Blogger was willing to center the first two pictures but then gave up the ghost. Feh.)

This colorway is "Atlantic" and I think it will do nicely for the spindle.

And then there's Plumberry, a sock yarn that I want to wind for the Hop-along--see previous entry.

Problem is, I can't decide on a design. I don't want to do plain vanilla socks.

I'm waiting for a vision.

Chain Gang
I'm incredibly good at managing my time at work. I'm incredibly bad at managing it at home, especially when it comes to my fiber projects.

Here's my short list, which I am bound and determined to get finished by the end of the year, despite the ever-increasing distraction of N:

  1. Write up new Leaves of Grass socks pattern
  2. Write up JamaicanMeCrazee hoodie pattern
  3. Write up Falling Leaves scarf pattern (and maybe even finish the damned thing)
  4. Give all of the above to Fredda to flog
  5. Warp the loom and weave dishtowels for Mammy
  6. Finish the F 'n' F shawl (it's about 60% done, will be finished by Rhinebeck)
  7. Finish plying the Emerald City so I can give Selma two big honkin' skeins
  8. Spin the Curmudgeon fiber for Carol
  9. Work on the stupid book, which hasn't been touched in eons
  10. Work up outline and sketches for Rock Socks, a book that's been in my head for almost 10 years
  11. Win the lottery in order to complete items 1-10

It used to be that I was disciplined enough to keep my on-going projects to three.

I've decided that now I have lost 25 pounds and have been denying myself gobs of fattening food, my general gluttony has clearly redirected itself into fiber.

I may have to resort to large amounts of ice cream in order to corral my projects.

There is a corollary between eating, fibering and sex. If you wish to attempt an analysis, be my guest. Right now, I need to shower and get dressed.

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