Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Best Quote I Heard All Day
I am a Zizzer Zazzer Zuzz, as you can plainly see.--Dr. Suess

I do not like green silk with ramie. I do not like them, SamIAmie.

Or words to that effect.

Tell me if this is not a Dr. Suess hat? On a Zizzer Zazzer Zuzz.

I just couldn't leave that Julia yarn alone. I talked myself into breaking the boundaries. Such fun it was, too.

Many thanks to the Punk Princess for obliging her Gangsta Gram. Now mind you, she doesn't want the hat. But she's completely convinced that by modeling my stuff, she gets her Warholian 15 minutes.

I hope she never becomes disillusioned.

I knit this over the course of two evenings. It could be done in one day, easily. I suppose I'll have to wear it, like the Mad Hatter. It's a token toque, as it were. The square crown was fun to do. As was the rest of it.

I meant what I said and I said what I meant
OK, so to clarify:

  • I love dogs.

  • I loathe the thought of knitting for a pet.

  • I am not going to darken my hair.

  • I will be reworking the neckline and the armscyes for the Lavold sweater.

  • I don't have a problem with the pointy crotch thing.

  • I would marry M-H if I were a lesbian. Although I don't know where that would leave Sandra. But she makes a great friend and I can't wait to meet her at Rhinebeck next fall.

  • Tricky is correct: JT's socks are made from Step. Great yarn. Haven't had any splitting so far.

  • I've promised Ted some kitchen towels so now I must warp the loom.

  • In answer to Denyse, my Arwen is dying on the needles. For some reason, I just don't feel like working on it. The yarn may be destined for something else.

There you are. Got it? Good.

On Beyond Zebra
I haven't said much about this issue of IK because frankly, the less said, the better. However, I did like the new layout. I've been through the magazine's several iterations and it's always been improved. They're smart--the redesign isn't in-your-face, as the last Knitter's was a few years ago. It's subtle but very classy. Now, if there were one thing in the issue that I wanted to knit, that would be nice.

OK, now you're going to truly cremate me. Because I bought Arctic Lace and wish I hadn't. I thought it was totally boring, with the exception of the Moebius scarf. Which pattern I could live without.

I am not interested in the Cup'tik knitters. I have little interest in knitting with quivit, although I may spin some if presented with the opportunity and the money.

I realize the value and importance of documenting Alaskan knitting for historical purposes but to be honest, there was too much of that and not much in the way of actual stitch patterns or designs for the knitter, at least nothing challenging or enticing. I didn't hitch my bandwagon to Cowichan stuff either, so it's a matter of taste, as it usually is. I don't care for Native American knitting motifs. Now weaving, particularly Navajo, is another subject entirely. That I do like.

My bad. I grabbed the book when I was in the Reston Barnes & Noble because it was the only knitting book they had that I thought I might want. But didn't look at it first. So I have no one to blame but myself.

I Wish We Could Do What They Do in Katroo. They Sure Know How to Say "Happy Birthday to You!"

My little brother Rich is 53 today. Happy birthday, mein bruder.

Sorry I hit you on the head with a milk bottle. Sorry I pushed you out of the apple tree that time. Sorry I tortured you daily. But when the chips were down and the neighborhood bullies went for us, we were a fighting team.

And you're still the one person I'd call for a pickup baseball game. And the one I'd send into Old Man Cornell's yard to retrieve the ball.

A rare and handy brother. And my dear friend. Love ya, Rich.

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