Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tick, Tick, Tick

Best Quote I Heard All Day
Age is an issue of mind over matter.  If you don't mind, it doesn't matter. -- Mark Twain

I do mind, kinda. On the other hand, my brain sez "Shut up, kid. You bother me." OK, so this Sunday I'll be 60. Fuck it. I was a baby of 52 when I started this blog. Not much has changed, has it. I'm still a profane, opinionated pottymouth. Thank God.

Forget Me Not...Ya Senile Old Skank
I was rummaging through boxes of stash down in the basement and lo! I find this silk I spun two years ago.  Good scarf material. I evidently had started some crap with it so this afternoon I ripped it out, steamed out the kinks, and put it where I can find it again.

Having almost finished spinning the cormo/mohair I bought at Rhinebeck, I'll probably return to some silk I was spinning, Chasing Rainbows stuff that is beautiful.
The cormo/mohair was an exercise in adapting my drafting.  A good spinner can do that--spin laceweight, then turn around and spin singles for DK. There are a few "drafting issues" here but I accept this as the ubiquitous "learning experience." I have another bag of this fiber and I'll put that on the Joy, with the silk on the Matchless.

I suppose I could use the cormo/mohair as a weft for a scarf. Jerry really likes it a lot. He enjoys being the recipient of scarves, socks, and ultimately, that fucking Aran that's lying fallow in a bag.

Verena (No, Not a Tommy James and the Shondells Oldie)
I've bought this magazine in the past--it was OK but nothing exciting. But the spring issue--incredibly good!

The reason? Burda, the publisher, got smart and hired Margery Winter as editor. For those of you who haven't been knitting a long time, Margery is a former editor of Vogue Knitting.  She was a fine editor for VK and she has done a superlative job with Verena. You get 50 patterns for $7.99 and there isn't a dog among them. Well-photographed, decent directions and charts. What more could you ask for? I liked it enough to consider subscribing.

The Punk Princess Goes to College
Can you believe it? Lizziebug was only 10 when I first started this blog. She was accepted into the BFA program at Montclair State University last month and she'll start next September.
This how Liz looks these days. Dontcha love the piercing? She wants a tattoo, much to her mother's chagrin. In fact, I have this picture of Corinne modeling a sweater for Crochet Fantasy back in 1988, when she was a year younger than Liz is now. Corinne searched the internet for this a few months ago and found it on some European website.
Yeah, I did give birth to her. If I hadn't been there, I wouldn't believe it.

So much for family shit.  Liz will probably go with me to Rhinebeck this year. Because she thinks my friends are "kewl."

She's right. They're pretty rare and handy.


Anonymous said...

i mind as well, but i won't let it overtake me. afterall, there are still babies to tend.

happy birthday you Curmudgeon you.

marie in florida

Entre Nous said...

Oh, dear, I thought I was bad turning 54, or is it 55 this year. CRS and frankly I don't care as long as there are people like you out there letting me feel as though it is polictically correct to still be 'kewl' after 40.

Thanks and Happy Birthday!

ChelleC said...

Happy Birthday. Your granddaughter really has grown up for the years I've read your blog - she's quite a young woman. You have every reason to be proud.

JudithNYC said...

Happy Birthday, you old coot! I am still older than you.

I know neither age nor physical beauty are that important in the big scheme of things, but the women in your family sure are pretty.

anne marie in philly said...

happy happy birthday, marilyn!

the similarities between corinne and liz are have a photogenic family, very "rare and handy" as you say.

actually, liz reminds me of a young mariah carey (before she became a weird chick).

Sharon said...

Happy 60th Mar! You're still badass.

Marilyn said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes, everyone! Btw, Blogger has been having issues with the comments. God knows whether they'll fix it or not. So if you have a problem, close the window and try again. I had to do this three times before I got the comments to come up without the error message.

(formerly) no-blog-rachel said...

Happy birthday - a bit late (I'm way behind on reading)! And Liz has gone from cute to gorgeous.

Roberta Granada said...

Hi, I like your blog soo much,
I am from Brazil, I love craft...