Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Happy National Curmudgeon Day!

Best Quote I Heard All Day
“Time doth flit; oh shit.”  -- Dorothy Parker

Yes, it's been six months since I've written an entry here. Well, now that I've finished writing the interactive book and decided to dump being a senior technical writer/editor/trainer, I'm back to my original work. Knitting. I'll be editing a friend's Lopi designs book, doing my own design work, and writing the blog once a week.

So my friend Monica shot me a message on Facebook today to let me know that it's National Curmudgeon Day. No shit! You know, I'm far less curmudgeonly than I was. Yeah, I'm gonna be 63 in April and you'd think that I'd be even more cranky. Not. My publishing career began as assistant knit/crochet editor at the long-gone McCall's Needlework & Crafts...30 years ago. So the joy of designing and writing knitting shit has made me a fucking angel. Now you'll read what I'm doing and creating...although I'll still have a bit of crankiness, no doubt. Heh.

Vogue Knitting Live in NYC

Gotta tell you all to get your asses to Vogue Knitting Live. Two years ago, I went to the first one and had a blast. The Sunday before last, I trotted into the city to hang out at the Marquis Mariott where the NYC Vogue Knitting Live was held, and go to the Marketplace. The Marketplace was filled with wonderful companies. I discovered Neighborhood Fiber Co., which sells beautiful hand-dyed yarn. I'm using some of their sock yarn for my sock book.

Fabulous fun. Yes, there were tons of people there but it was swell talking to strangers. I chatted with these beginners who were fumbling with their needles and little garter stitch swatches.
Was so happy to see my friends Carol Sulcolski and Lars Rains. I'll be editing Lars's book--he's an incredible Lopi designer. Didn't see my boy Franklin because he was teaching. Nonetheless, going to Vogue Knitting Live is something all knitters should try to do. The next VKL will be in Seattle the beginning of April. I would love to teach at VKL. Yeah, I do have a specialized workshop that I plan on submitting to Trisha Malcolm next week. After all, I've spent many years teaching people how to knit as well as working as a technical trainer. But even if I don't teach at VKL, I will continue to go. It's the ultimate knitter's conglomeration! So get off your ass and sign up for one that is closest to you, either Seattle, Chicago, or New York City. Here's the link. Click THIS.
Mar's Interactive Book...Where the Fuck is it?
I did finish the book early September. A ton of writing. Originally, it was to be published this month. However, due to a backlog with the developers, the publisher has put it off until November, in time for Christmas. They will set up a web page soon, a landing page where you can read about the book and probably see the cover. "Interactive" means a pile of 38 videos, lots of pop-ups, links, and other stuff...like six of my designs for beginners.
When we filmed the videos, it was 100+ degrees that August day. Brett Bara, who does a crafts DIY show, did the videos. Sure, I could have done them but the publisher wanted someone who had experience in being filmed. Brett did a great job. Here's Brett and me at the shoot, sweating.
Over and Done
So next week, I'll put up some pictures of my design work for the sock book that I will self-publish and put up on Ravelry. The first sock book will be cuff-down lace socks. Here's one, called Diamonds Are a Girl's BFF socks. The next sock book will be Fair Isle socks, then textured socks, and finally cabled socks.
Writing a book is so rare and handy! And a load of stressful work But my mother is so proud of me. You know, Ellie will be 90 in August and still knits like a lunatic.
Later, skanks. Be back next week.


stash haus said...

So glad to see you back in the blogging saddle again!

Anonymous said...

Have missed your blog...thanks for posting again.

I visited Vogue Live NYC on Saturday - it was miserably crowded. Loved it but it was so difficult to move up the aisles. Maybe Sunday was less crowded?

Sylvie said...

Welcome back. I can't believe I missed National Curmudgeon Day.

Marilyn Roberts said...

It was very crowded on Sunday but I managed to tap dance my way through the booths.

Anonymous said...

Nice blog.
I've got that very issue of McCall's (somewhere). I'll try to find it and look for your name in it (then applaud).

Carrie (visitor)