Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Aran Sweaters Love The Clancy Brothers

Best Quote I Heard All Day

We have always found the Irish a bit odd. They refuse to be English."--Winston Churchill

Yes, always loved The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem. Back when I was a teenager, playing my guitar and singing folk music songs, fell in love with my late husband Jimmy Roberts. We both sang together. And the first sweater I ever knit was a Spinnerin Aran sweater design, making it for Jimmy. Didn't know that I had to measure his arms and chest, so it didn't fit him. Gave it to my Uncle Pete. As a novice knitter, loved making the cables and the Aran texture stitches. Here's the Clancys and Makem on YouTube.

So now, I am designing an Aran sweater that I will submit to a magazine, which is why I won't display its swatch. But I just designed a pair of Aran socks that I entitled "Slainte! Socks".  Slainte is an Irish Gaelic toast--Health! I just photographed them for my directions layout, which I'll put up on Ravelry for 5 bucks. It's not going to be Fiberality Designs anymore. My friends on Facebook told me I gotta make it The Knitting Curmudgeon Designs since people recognize me via my nickname.

My sweetheart granddaughter Liz gave me this mannequin when she worked at a teen clothing store at our local mall. They were going to throw the mannequin away so Liz took it home. And I got it! Put pants on it too. Liz used to be my sock model and I wish she'd still do that. Her girlfriend, Sammie, who is a college fiber major, can be my model perhaps.

Yeah, short post today. I'm writing an essay for Interweave Knits's Ravelings on the last page that I'll submit soon. Back in 2007, had one written and published there. And designing for a submission, a Vogue Knitting submission, and a Knitter's submission.

Due to the lack of a tech writer/trainer job, I ain't gonna sit at home doing nothing. Am also available for knitting directions editing. Take care my dear reader skanks. I'll be posting again soon.


Marion Engel said...

Lovely socks, Mar. Thanks for the Clancy Brothers, Tommy Makem reminder. Saw them live several times at the Westbury Music Fair. Will look for their music on my Amazon Prime.

Marilyn Roberts said...

Marion, I saw them with Jimmy many times at Carnegie Hall back in the 70s. We met them too! My friend Gail who lived in Dublin when her professor father was there for a year, told me her sister dated Liam. So that's how we met the Clancys after their concert.

Anonymous said...

glad you reported in today...the sock design is lovely!
Blogless Mary Lou
Sewsweet on Ravelry

Marilyn Roberts said...