Sunday, June 01, 2014

Knitting Pro...or Knitting Prop?

Best Quote I Heard All Day

Maya Angelou
“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Saddened that we lost this wonderful writer. And now that I'm not getting a tech writer or trainer job, have decided to return to knitting as my fucking career. Writing has been my lifetime love, along with knitting. Having written that novice knitter's interactive book, You Can Knit! A Better Way to Learn Knitting Basics, two years ago, was the career I always desired.

So what's my next book? I have a couple of ideas. Would like to do a stitch pattern book that contains leaf and flower stitch patterns. This I can do on my own, along with Sock It To Me, my sock designs that will be sold on Ravelry.

Knitting Poetry and Therapy

When I was 6 years old, having learned how to read, my Oma bought me a wonderful poetry book. So reading the writing rhythm, I began writing poems. And always gave them to Mom, who saved them and gave them to me a few years ago. I put one up on Facebook this past Thursday. And when Maya Angelou died, I thought it would be fun to write poetry again...yeah, poems about knitting.

Saw Paul McCartney on TV last night on a Billy Joel show, singing "Let It Be."
My lyrics..."Let it knit, let it knit, whisper words of charting, let it knit. There will be a shortrow, let it knit." Heh heh!

Knitting was my career back in the '80s as a knitting editor and I'd love to go back to the knitting publication industry. During depression, my knitting made me feel human. And designing is comforting because I enjoy creativity. A friend of mine is suffering from severe depression and she's a knitter too. Having told her to get on medication, I hope that she continues to knit because it keeps your mental sadness out of your brain to some degree.

Writing and knitting are my therapies, along with spinning. And hanging out with my knitting friends.

Jezebel Socks Soon

Finally getting my sock designs' directions finished. I edit my own writing because I know how to do that properly. When you write directions, don't read them again for a week. Once your brain has dropped what you wrote, you'll read the directions as if they weren't yours and make the proper edits.

So here's a picture. Yeah, stuck my foot on top of my PC laptop. The stitch pattern is a lace ribbing and the yarn is Madelinetosh Merino Light.
The next design I've written is an Aran pullover that I'll submit to a magazine. Yes, I know which mag it's gonna go to but will let you know when it's accepted.

Here Comes Fiberality Designs

Now that I've decided to be a knitting pro, my Ravelry page for my designs will be Fiberality Designs, which I set up a couple of years ago and only put up four designs, two of which are free. The freebies have been downloaded in hundreds but the two for sale...only one has sold. So gotta buy ads, I presume. And perhaps set up a Facebook page. Tell me what you think! I depend on my readers for their opinions. No, ain't a curmudgeon much any more.

A bunch of my Facebook friends are knitting celebrities, some of whom I know in person. And now that I'm going back to knitting as a career, they'd better support me. Probably won't, even though I have always supported them. I never ask knitting celebs to be my friend on Facebook. The ones who are my friends there asked me to be their friend. So once I set up Fiberality Designs on Facebook, they fucking better help me. I've been a knitter a lot longer than they have, due to my age.

Knitcurmudgeon Anniversary

My God! It's gonna be 12 years on July 25. I was one of the first knitting bloggers back then. So on the anniversary date, I will put up a free design for my readers. Next week, I'll be The Steekin' Geek for you, letting you know about smartphone knitting apps that are worthwhile. I've owned an Android phone and now have an iPhone, so will discuss both for ya!

Take care, my dear skanks! I'm happier now and hope you are too. Knitting in the summer is just as nice as in the cold weather.


Katie K said...

All the best of luck on your new career!

Sue said...

Happy is good!