Friday, July 25, 2014

Knitting Curmudgeon Blog 12th Anniversary

Best Quote I Heard All Day

The state of knitting magazines being what it is lately, I was more than pleasantly surprised with the decent designs featured in the Fall 2002 issue of Vague.--Marilyn Roberts

Yes, that's the first Knitting Curmudgeon blog sentence on July 25, 2002. Twelve years ago, I had lost my darling husband, Jimmy. Knitting was my grief therapy and when I discovered Blogger, writing about knitting helped me concentrate on my life.

Back in 1997, I created the first Knitting Curmudgeon site on AOL's membership site deal. Many KnitList people read the essays that I wrote on it and placed on site pages. As soon as I hit Blogger, I had a writing joy. In 2002, I wrote 76 posts. There were a few other knitting bloggers and we all contacted each other. My readers became bloggers too and now some of them are knitting celebs. These days, many knitters know who I am. At Rhinebeck, people approach me to say "Hello, Knitting Curmudgeon!"

These days, I grieve for my mother Ellie and still cry for Jimmy, although am in touch with my high school boyfriend, who I see occasionally. For Mom, I've just designed a lace stitch pattern for a lace scarf that I entitled "Ellie's Heart Scarf." Here's a sample picture. Began knitting it in Tencel yarn and am gonna switch it to merino laceweight. Didn't like the black lines in the red. 

So the Knitting Curmudgeon is gonna become a knitting design company. I was calling it Fiberality Designs but my knitting friends told me to call it Knitting Curmudgeon Designs because people know who I am.

So my dear readers, I'm going to keep this blog going for the rest of my life. And happy that I ain't as curmudgeonly as I used to be. Time to get back to knitting my current design, which is Ellie's Heart Scarf.


Leslie said...

Happy 12! When I wasn't an accomplished-at-all knitter I came to your blog for advice and ideas. Now that I'm a bit-more accomplished knitter I still have you in my feed for your opinions and views on knitting. Thank you for sharing.

I love today's quote of the day. She's perspicacious.

ellen kirkendall said...

Happy 12 to you. Yours was one of the first knitting blogs I followed. I am sorry to hear that you have lost your lovely mother.