Sunday, August 24, 2014

Fiberality Designs About to Start for Real

Best Quote I Heard All Day

"Many estates are spent in the gettting, since women for tea forsake spinning and knitting, and men for punch forsake hewing and splitting"--Benjamin Franklin

Yeah, my beloved history interest contains Ben Franklin. I'm a history lover.

Fiberality Designs Ain't Knitting Curmudgeon Designs

Even though a lot of my knitting pals on Facebook said I should call it Knitting Curmudgeon Designs because that's who people know.  NO! Even though I was crabby when I first started blogging back in 2002, having lost my darling husband Jimmy, I ain't curmudgeonly much any more.

So last week, my beloved granddaughter, Liz Wagner, designed an ad for my Fiberality Designs. Here it is.

Liz just graduated from Montclair State University with a BFA and I paid her for creating this ad that I'll put up on Ravelry. Right now there are only two designs there but I'm busy writing and editing my directions for a pile of socks, scarves, and a lace shawl. Currently designing an Aran pullover, sized for men and women, along with a lace sweater knitted with Koigu Kersti.

Here's the current sock design that I'm working on--it's Koigu KPPPM, which I wish Koigu would increase the hank yardage. It's only 175 yards, which means that a sock leg can't be longer than 6 inches. Here's a little picture of Lady's Ladder Sock.

The sock was hanging on my thigh when I shot the picture with my iPhone. This week is design photography. Got a big pile of designs that I gotta shoot, the socks on my crazy fucking mannequin that Liz gave me back when she worked part time at a teenager clothing store at our local mall. My daughters always model my lace shit too.

Liz no longer models my socks. Mother Ellie used to model my socks and I let her keep them. Mom never wanted to learn how to knit socks because she hated knitting with double-pointed needles. I offered to teach her Magic Loop technique but Mom said, "You can knit me the socks I want!" Yes, still missing my knitting mother who died in March.

My Beloved Knitting Guy 

Last weekend, daughter Jennifer and I went down to New Hope PA because we love shopping there and having lunch at a wonderful restaurant. So I let QueerJoe know that I was going to Twist Knitting & Spinning and we met there. Hadn't seen Joe in several years and it was wonderful seeing him. Here we are:

 With the fall comin' close, can't wait to go to the Garden State Sheep Breeders Sheep & Fiber Festival September 6-7. And of course, going to Rhinebeck, aka NYS Sheep & Wool Festival, which is the third weekend in October. My dear friend, Duffy Stephens, is coming from Portland, Oregon, and will stay with me. We'll be going both Saturday and Sunday to Rhinebeck. Liz's girlfriend, Sammie, is a fiber major at her college, so she and Liz will come with us too. Can't wait!

So, my dear readers, I'm gonna go back to blogging every week. Ain't doing much other than knitting designing and will continue to edit knitting directions. Will create a Fiberality Designs website, and start my Etsy place too. Ravelry is an excellent place to sell designs but since I need to earn money, going to sell my designs wherever I can.

Write to you soon, Knitting Curmudgeon skanks!


Anonymous said...

You look wonderful! I like your Ravelry logo very much and look forward to shopping at your site.
I'm going to Rhinebeck also...can't wait. My friend and I are coming from Florida to experience the festival. Maybe I'll run into you, never know.
Blogless Mary Lou

Sharon said...

Great Ad. Happy to be a Skank.