Monday, November 03, 2014

Lace Stitch Pattern Designing

Best Quote I Heard All Day

"Design is a funny word. Some people think design means how it looks. But of course, if you dig deeper, it's really how it works."--Steve Jobs, Cofounder, CEO, and Chairman of Apple Inc.

My Lace Stitch Pattern Designing

Lately lace is my knitting addiction. And I taught myself how to design a lace stitch pattern. Creating lace patterns is drawing with decreases and yarn overs. Lately I've been working on a lace scarf with my initial lace design. It's Ellie's Heart. 
I photographed it on my pattern chart, using the magnet bars to stretch it out. Metza metz!

Back when Mom was alive and my knitting best friend, she frequently asked me to design a lace scarf for her. Now that she is gone, I decided to design my first lace stitch pattern with Mom in my heart. The stitch pattern I entitled "Ellie's Heart." The laceweight is Reywa Fibers Bloom, 50% Yak Down, 50% silk. What the fuck is Yak Down? Never had heard of it. I did a Google search and discovered the Yak. Here's the Wikipedia info. Yaks are cute! Here's a Yak.

This lace weight is lovely; however it's skinny for laceweight. Working with #0 needles ain't easy because the needles are too large for this. I may switch the yarn for the Ellie's Heart Scarf. 

Today's Quote Shit

Steve Jobs was my IT love. Back in 1984, I began working on a computer, it was the initial Macintosh. As the Knitting Editor for MacKnit, the knitting machine magazine, our publisher bought it and I taught myself how to create graphics. Here's the cover of a 1986 issue. It's available on Amazon! 
This was one of the final issues, due to the crazy publishers, who screwed up the business and decided to dump the magazine so they could declare bankruptcy. Yes, I was the Knitting Editor on this issue.

Glad I felt like writing the blog again. Writing while I'm sitting home sans a job, I feel like I'm operative. My depression is improved. Still looking for a job; however, I will never stop blogging. Am about to write a book, probably a sock designs ebook. And having talked to Shannon Okey at Rhinebeck, will submit to Cooperative Press

So Tonstant Weaders, I'm gonna keep blogging every week. Many of my readers became real friends. So see ya in MD Sheep & Wool next May, I hope.


Anonymous said...

I look forward to your posts. Thank you for writing! I went to Rhinebeck this year and enjoyed the crowds of knitters and spinners immensely!blogless Mary Lou

Emma in France said...

Mar, I don't know if you've seen this and whether it's you sort of thing but PLY magazine are looking for copy editors: