Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Sock It to You...Next Book

Best Quote I Heard All Day

"I hate writing, I love having written"--Dorothy Parker

Last weekend, I went to New Hope PA, where my dear Dorothy Parker lived with her husband Alan Campbell, who was an actor at the Bucks County Playhouse. They lived in Bucks County for a while. You know that Dorothy is my writing queen; however, some of her quotes, like this one, are bullshit. And Dorothy Parker was a Jersey girl, born in Long Branch, Monmouth County, in 1893.

Madame Author...Mar, My Nickname

Knitting and writing activities keep my brain functional. So I'm going to create a book with all my sock designs in it. Yes, "Sock It To You" is the title. Currently, I've been screwing around with a sock design for which I've hunted for the proper yarn. My titles are all comic.

This sock I've entitled "Chevron Chase Socks." Yes, Chevy Chase is one of my beloved comedians, although he hasn't been doing much lately.. Chevy is now 71 and I hope he ain't retired.

So my work on the Chevron Chase design has been constant. I finally found a sock yarn that flies!
This yarn is KFI Indulgence 6Ply. Needed a stripe sock yarn so that the chevron stitch is attacked. Initially, I tried the pattern on Mini  m Crystal Palace Mini Mochi. Didn't work at all, although I loved the Rainbow colors.
Got a pile of sock designs for this book, although I have to design toe-up socks too. I prefer top-down but was thinking that I should provide both techniques for each design. Dunno if I want to do that. But will add top-down designs eventually. 

The directions are written for double-pointed needles but I use the Magic Loop technique, always. And I provide my gusset improvement technique too. Way back when, July 7, 2010, wrote that here. 

Winner Winter Designs

My darling nephew, Nicholas, asked Auntie Marilyn to make him a knitted cap. So I was happy to design something for him and for cold weather. Yes, making this using Magic Loop.

Well, time to get back to knitting, due to the hideous snow outside. Have a nice Thanksgiving, skanks!

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Looking forward to your Sock It To Me book! Blogless Mary Lou