Saturday, May 10, 2003

Best Quote I Heard All Day
"Things are seldom what they seem;
Skim milk masquerades as cream"--Gilbert & Sullivan

And so, the masquerade begins...

I told you I'd do it.

I did it.

Let's see who picks up on it...and me. I've hit the Knit List...soon it will be Socknitters. Where else? Knit U? If I can hide my true identity, I'll go for it.

Forest Path
So Loopy turned me on to the Forest Path stole in the latest IK. Not that I've bought the issue yet, since it wasn't at B&N as of yesterday. So I can't comment on the issue. But this lace stole is magnificent. And will be a nice complement to the QAL. Ten rounds to go til steek time.

Cast On
Which I did buy yesterday, only because it has an interview with Annie Modesitt, who's a friend. The interview was good--Annie's a very talented person with a very interesting background. I mean, anyone who's worked for Martha and lived to tell about it is OK in my book.

Otherwise, it's a gobbledy-gook of unredeeming designs. And please tell me why some people think that knitting sweaters with flag motifs is so damned appealing? "Thank God I'm an Amurrican." I won't even dignify the finally (I hope) finished free-speech We're American and We Can Say Anything crap that's been the food for "thought" on the Knit List with my opinion of THAT attitude. And Cast-On brings me to:

The For-Profit Knitters Guild of America
I have to admit, I did have a membership for a year, during the time when the magazine was published sporadically. Not that it mattered, since it was for shit anyways.

And I will also admit that I almost considered doing the Master Knitter thing. But those stupid swatches really turned me off. And then I got to thinking, "What's the point in this Master Knitter bullshit?" So I could fund TKGA? Nah, I don't think so.

I know I'm good. I don't need a profit-making organization to give me a seal of approval. Shit, I oughta be good, I've been doing this for long enough. And still learning new things. But not from TKGA or its gawd-awful magazine. Well, I'm just not a joiner. "Any club that would have me as a member..." And I really thought that the mag was getting better while Helene edited it. But no more.

I guess people need some kind of official validation for their knitting skill level. Shoot, they can pay me $25 and I'll send them a nice certificate suitable for framing that states they're a swell knitter.

How's that for business acumen?

Friends and Family
I'm glad Sissyboo Karen (we call each other Sissyboo--don't remember where that came from) wrote some comments. Karen prefers to wheedle Elly into making her sweaters, although Elly tends to make them more for my nephews, Alex and Nick, than she does for Karen. And a wise woman she is, too. Karen spends three times as much money on scrapbooking crap than I do on yarn. And that's not even figuring in the cost of the photos that go into those albums.

I know my friend Bob reads this blog regularly to see what I'm up to. (Nothing much, Bob. House will go on the market the 15th, still working hard, have a problem with my neck now, kids still here, haven't heard from Willy in a month, etc. If Achim gets back, I'm hoping we'll make it to your barbecue.)

And so, doing my Happy Dance, I go off to my deck to do something handy with the Queen Anne's Lace.

Peace and quiet. How rare.

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