Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Best Quote I Heard All Day
"Tontant Weader frowed up"--Dorothy Parker

Tontant Weader been weading the latest on the lists. And Tontant Weader tempted to write a series of posts to the lists about the following, just to make things lively:
:: Knitting on Planes
:: Copyright
:: Knitting in Public
:: Spit Splicing (oh shucky darns, the KL has that going already, again)
:: Lily on Dave (like flies on shit)
:: What Kind of (pick one) Needles, Yarn, Tote Bag, Magazine, Reference Book do you like the best?
:: Regia
:: Can you put Koigu in the dryer?
:: Who taught you how to knit?

I just might flood the market here. Just start a bunch of well-aged, well-worn topics, one on the Socknitters List, KList, and KnitU each day. You'll know it's me. You will, I swear. I'll let you in on the screen name after I do it.

Although probably some dimmie will beat me to it, and not on purpose, either.

PW Redux
I was telling Elly about the comments on PW--I had forgotten that she also had bought the Trillium kit (we tend to buy a lot of the same things) and I had given her my color chart. She can't remember what she did with the yarn--ditched it, probably.

When I mentioned PW, her first comment was, verbatim: "Oh, THAT shit? Gawd."

You gotta like this woman.

Plodding Along
I've not been a very joyful camper lately. Achim is still in Korea, no communication whatsoever with him (they have no cell phone service there and his laptop is disfunctional). Got a card, so I know he's OK. But have not seen him now in 3 fucking months. He's way overdue to come home. He thought it would be the third week of April, last I talked to him. I will not know when he's coming home until he lands in the US.

When he gets home, you won't be reading my blog for a friggin' month! I loves that man o' mine.

Once he's back, writing will be rare since I'll have to be more handy. Heh.
After the

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