Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Best Quote I Heard All Day
What we call 'Progress' is the exchange of one nuisance for another nuisance.--Havelock Ellis

So here it is, the newly redesigned blog. Simple. Somewhat elegant, I think. And fully functional.

You can access it from either www.knitzme.blogspot.com or from www.knittingcurmudgeon.com. Both work.

Unfortunately, all the comments from Halospan are history. It's just easier to use the incorporated commenting function. So bite me.

I still have work to do, adding links and so on. But finally, it's graphically endowed. Or some such shit.

Your feedback is always welcome, if not always heeded. Heh.


Antimony said...

It looks fabulous, very easy to read.

I've been lurking and reading for a while, and now it's definately a lot easier on the eyes. You know, less squinting, more laughing. Always a good thing.

doloreshaze said...

Hey Mar-
lookin' swank! Can't wiat to see photos of all the Lavold goodness you've been up to!

The Scrap Curmudgeon said...

Where is the old lady? I want the old lady? And a big hello to the very nice knitter I met at Barnes and Noble on Rt 22 who reads this blog.

Carol S said...

Oh for crying out loud. I practically needed a DNA fingerprint to post a fucking comment. It will probably censor my profanity, too. And all that just to say: Very minimalist. Very cool.

Unknown said...

My sister the Scrap Curmudgeon. Jesus, Karen, come up with something original or I'll have to disown you. You're way too nice to people in person to lay claim to the title.

Although we COULD start some kind of dynasty. Liz certainly could be the 4th generation, kinda carry on the tradition. She's certainly snotty enough. Now if she'd keep up with her knitting, it would make Gram ever so pukingly proud.

miranda said...

this? made me sign up for a blogger blog just so that i could comment! the last thing i needed was another blog! ahhh, movable type is so much better, but so screwed up right now what with the licensing change. on the other hand, i get a lot of comment spam on my movable type blog.

anyway, the new digs are better than the old digs.

reading a book ed by joe queenan right now, called "malcontents" - you'd like it, its subtitle is "bitter, cynical, and satirical writing through history." represented are things like "a modest proposal" (swift's "economic" opus) and "english as she is taught" (twain's compendium of student errors). also, if irritated you can hit someone with it & make it count - it isn't a small book.

laura gayle said...

Congrats on getting your blog up on the new site! And it looks like blogger has some new features, so I'd better get my tuckis in gear and get working on my own blog. Yeah, I want to see those photos!!!!

Enjay said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
judy said...

mar, your new format is lovely. i liked the old one just fine, though. it's the content that counts. while it might be better to look good than feel good, like billy crystal said on snl, i'd rather read something with substance than look at pretty pictures of fru-fru yarn scarves or something.

Enjay said...

well hell, I didn't mean to remove the damn comment, just edit it *sigh* I guess I'm a blogdweeb LOL anyway, the post I made to Mar's haloscan comments minutes before they dissappeared is on my brand spanking new blog (http://knittinglikeasailor.blogspot.com/) the name of the post is little ditty 'bout Mar and knitzombies, if anyone is interested in looking.

M-H said...

Nice clean look. Much easier to read than your last one. Glad you've settled your job dilemma.

judy said...

knitters' review says the hyuks are getting a television show:

the Do It Yourself Network will premiere a new series on knitting, called the Knitty Gritty, starting July 2 at 10am ET. According to a press release, host Vickie Howell is a "young, hip crafter" who will be joined by "knitsters" who tackle projects such as a "groovy guitar strap," baby "Ugg" boots, and a tote knit entirely from recycled grocery bags.

how long will it be until lily chin is a guest on the show?