Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Best Quote I Heard All Day
I just sit at a typewriter and curse a bit.--P. G. Wodehouse

I can always depend on the kindness of strangers.

An amazing array of topics you have proposed. Of course, some of them I'll answer in the book, particularly the ones that require a more extensive technical response. (Incidentally, feel free to let me know what you'd like to see in the book. Most likely, I've already considered addressing it but since you've been a font of ideas, go right ahead and opine.)

Mostly because yesterday I was a veritable tower of technicality and I've about blown my wad this morning.

Diamusee in the Rough
Remember the Diamusee? Well, it is on its way to becoming a sock.

I have several more rounds to do in this odd little stitch that I may or may not have invented. Basically, it's this: *make a backwards loop on the RH needle, k1, pass loop over the k1; repeat from * around. Then knit one round. It's not apparent in the photo because I've only done the two rounds. I'll add a few more and then see if it's worth keeping. This was all charted ahead of time, with some modifications made along the way. I tend not to design on the needle, simply because I like my menu planned in advance.

Your Topics
I liked most of the suggestions. There were so many of them that I had to copy and paste the entire Comments into a Word doc so that I could cull through them.

I'll start with Rob's because I did promise him a response.

I could use some moral support in my complete suspicion of "secret pals" who send luxury yarn, candles (?), needles, expensive stitch markers -- packages obviously worth upwards of $60 -- to the next person on an email list. I gotta admit, when I have an extra $60 of knitting money, I don't mail it to a stranger. Help me, Knitting Curmedgeon -- I can't be the only one, can I?

Nope, I'm with you. I must admit, I have never fallen prey to the Secret Knitting Buddy nonsense. First of all, I don't have the time or the inclination. Second, I'd rather share my stuff with my real-life friends. This has everything to do with sending shit to people you don't know and I'm not interested in the Random Acts of Kindness silliness either, another pet peeve of mine.

And that's not to say that I'm an uncharitable or stingy person. However, what Rob is describing smacks of self-aggrandizement.

Out-of-print books. A number of comments about those. Other than the Alice Starmore books, I can't think of an OOP book at the moment that needs to be republished. I certainly wouldn't do it as a publisher, in any case. And it's unlikely that the Starmore books will ever come back again, given the legal aspects of that situation.

Designers that I respect?

  • Veronik Avery and Shirley Paden, for their ability to translate dressmaking techniques into knitting and their fine senses of style.
  • Coffee Faucet, for his extraordinary color sense and his wonderfully witty designs.
  • Arguably, AS, the best Fair Isle designer, with Ron Schweitzer keeping her company.
  • Sharon Miller, who has created some of the most challenging lace designs and blessed those of us who do lace with a great book.
  • Lucy Neatby, who does interesting things using interesting techniques.
  • Joan Schrouder, who doesn't get nearly enough applause for her work, her teaching and her ever-patient answers to the list boneheads.

That's my short list.

And finally, to the personal questions. My oldest unfinished piece is Queen Anne's Lace, which is now 2.5 years in the making and not going anywhere. I've made many garments that I loved making and wearing; my most favorite project was the Morning Glory vest from Starmore's Stillwater book. Unfortunately, it is now too big for me to wear. I still have it, though. Christmas? I have no idea of what I want. As usual.

Last question, from Franklin: If you could bring one out-of-print knit book or mag into print, which would it be?

There are three OOP magazines that I would love to see in print again: Handmade, the old Threads and American Home Crafts. Can't pick just one.

I will write more about my weaving adventure. I'm just finishing up my first sample and have found a pile of blue and white perle cotton, 8/2s probably, in the stash. Probably bought at some Smiley's sale years ago. I'll be warping with that next.

Gratuitous Cat Photo
When I spin, I go into that ethereal zone wherein I am totally unaware of anything other than my drafting. Spinning tends to clear my head of all the racing thoughts that I enjoy as a manic depressive. Heh.

The other day, as I was zoned out, I became dimly aware of someone watching me.

Buddy sez: I'm gonna have a fucking seizure if you don't stop that thing.

He never moved an inch from the time I went to get the camera to the moment I took this picture.

At least he leaves my fiber and yarn alone. That's one rare and handy feline.

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