Thursday, August 30, 2007

Best Quote I Heard All Day
Great is the power of habit. It teaches us to bear fatigue and to despise wounds and pain.--Cicero

Here's to "Curses, It's Persis" Cope, my Latin teacher in high school. She did so love Cicero. And she made her own shoes, too. What a woman. Priscilla Gibson-Roberts looks a great deal like Persis. However, my money'd be on Miss Cope in a declension contest. Hands down.

Travelin' Bitch
Well, in my new capacity as technical trainer (and yeah, I'm still the tech writer too), looks like I'll be hitting the road on and off. Trips to York, PA, and Roanoke, VA are in the process of being planned. Numbnuts Judy, the other trainer, gets the Chicago trip. I'm actually OK with that, although I would have loved to have seen Franklin. But these training jaunts don't give me much time to noodle around. I may make it to The Mannings when in York. Maybe, if I get done at a reasonable hour.

Open Mic Thursday
Yeah, gang, I know. It's Thursday night and I'm only getting to this now. Well, fucking bite me because A) I'm no longer working at home and B) I had to ponder this week's topic. So sharpen your wits.

Do you use the skill designations (Expert, Intermediate, Beginner, et al) to assist you in your choice of projects? Or are they to be ignored and avoided?

How's that for a loaded question? I'm always curious as to whether people pay attention to these qualifiers or whether they just plunge ahead. My first sweater was an Aran. Ignorance can be blissful. I didn't know that Arans were complicated. The pattern wasn't marked as anything, so I plowed through it, made mistakes, learned to fix them, made the sleeves too long, and suffered a few other mishaps. But I just wanted the damned sweater. And I do think that putting a skill level on a project must influence the timid.

Anyway, this is a fast post--I've got some knitting to do yet. Sorry, but sometimes knitting time is far more rare and handy than writing time. You can dig it, I'm sure.

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