Thursday, August 23, 2007

It's very late and because I've gone back to work for the Festrunk Brothers, as my bro Rich calls them, I need to go to bed. Nope, no quote. No frills. This is it, gang.

Since I'm completely brain compressed at this point, I have absolutely no idea for a topic this week. Which is why Marcy's suggestion is a blessing, since I'm fucking useless at this point. And 5 a.m. is looming.

Open Mic Thursday

So, here you are. If you don't like the topic, bite me. And Marcy. Heh.

Since the popularity of knitting waxes and wanes, how much longer do you think the current boom will last?

I'll be back this weekend, hopefully rested somewhat. And I did let Joe tempt me into starting a pair of those Regia KF socks. Damn, they are nice. Try casting on 60 stitches on #0 needles on a NJ Transit train. Now that takes skill.

Working at home meant I could get up at 7:30 but not have human contact for most of the day. Now, it's plenty of rare and handy commuting humanity. And if I ever have to sit next to another bimbo who pops her gum throughout the entire 1.5 hour train ride, I'll have four sharp dps to shove down her throat. Or into her eyeball. Yeah, I'm tired.

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