Sunday, November 10, 2002

Best Quote I Heard All Day
I have the heart of a child - I keep it in a jar --Stephen King

My Sunday equation:
Ian + Elisabeth = my grandchildren who live with me * (slamming doors + tattling + pestering)

Knitting in the Movies, on TV, KIP, etc.
Who gives a rat's ass?

I mean, really.

Why do the KnitDweebs think this is of any interest? Why do they send meaningless posts to the lists about this? The latest "sighting" seems to be in The Santa Clause II.

This is, of course, strictly a rhetorical question, as are all my musings about KnitDweebs. I don't pretend to understand any of their idiocy.

Achim's Socks
So while my favorite German is off doing business in, where else, Germany, I have decided to design and knit him a pair of socks to take with me as a surprise when I stay with him in Chicago after Thanksgiving.

Now, he's already told me that he doesn't wear sweaters. So imagine my surprise the other weekend when I discover that what was at first glance a dark blue T-shirt under his shirt-shirt was in actuality a fine-knit cashmere pullover. Aha.

Well, I can't afford to make him one of those. However, I do have some KYI Cash Mereno (same as Debby Bliss's Baby CashMerino) in dark blue, enough to make a pair of socks that he'll like. It's a little heavier than what I usually work in--I'd say it's probably a DK--so I'm knitting it at 6 spi on #2s. This renders a nicely firm fabric but doesn't ruin the hand at all. Two baby cables run along the side of the instep from cuff to toe. I'm liking this sock a lot. It's simple to do but appropriate for a guy.

And Achim, if by any chance you finally got your DSL problems resolved and you're reading this: Ich werde Dich diese Socken für einen großen Kuß und eine Schokolade tauschen. Und vielleicht mehr als Schokolade.

Wie selten! Und wie handlich! (Yep, that means what you think it does)

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