Tuesday, December 17, 2002

Best Quote I Heard All Day
"Ah... I see the fuck-up fairy has visited us again!"
From "50 Things You Wish You Could Say at Work"

Hmmm...but I do say that at work, frequently...

The Scottish Play
At the risk of being sued by some seemingly egocentric Scots, I dare say that the well-known knitting designer, She Whose Name May Not Be Writ Large (AKA AS), is making her wee self a wee bit unpopular these days in these here States. Inquiring minds on the KList want to know the true story behind the huge eBay flap, wherein the aforementioned She has had eBay pull those auctions that feature her kits, yarn and any ephemera with HER NAME on it AND also threatened LYSOs with lawsuits for advertising the dregs of her yarn that they are trying to unload. The logic: The name is copyrighted (and that includes AS, which I always thought was a preposition and hence owned by no man or woman).

Sooo...check out Knitting Beyond the Hebrides for an interesting story about the major flap. Given that she took her knitting toys home in a snit several years ago, this may or may not shed some light on that curious event. I have my own opinions on this one...but you read and make up your own minds.

Scots wha hae where Wallace bled...something's cookin' in the kitchen and it ain't haggis.

All the knitting news that fits, we print, kids. With apologies to Mad Magazine...

My Random Thoughts About Knitting
1) Stuff you knit wears out eventually--so you knit more.

2) If it doesn't fit the recipient, it will fit someone--but you fucked up, didn't you? Figure out why.

3) Knitters should worry less about professions, Staples, handedness, and Knitting Sightings in Movies and TV and worry more about making a gauge swatch and learning how to knit well.

4) If you passed 3rd grade arithmetic, you can design your own.

5) If you failed 12th grade chemistry, you can dye it yourself.

6) Don't ask until you've Googled. Or figure it out. Then if all fails, ask.

7) Taking knitting classes is no guarantee of knitting mastery.

8) Read every pattern three times--once for general overview, again for detailed overview, and finally for comprehension. Then swatch.
Then read the pattern again. And again.

9) Most everyone will admit to using Red Heart at one time or another.

10) Not everyone loves knitting or receiving knitted gifts. This is a truism that must be swallowed whole.

And not everyone is handy...or rare.

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