Friday, December 20, 2002

Best Quote I Heard All Day
If you can't understand it, it is intuitively obvious.

Is this the KnitDweeb motto?

Note To Self
If I see "dyeing" spelled "dying" one more fucking time on any list, I'm posting...and it won't be pretty.

Weeding Out the Stash
If you were born before 1960, you might get the pun there.

Ack. I think I have about 900 skeins of sock yarn. Lately, I've been shifting the stash around subconsciously and modifying its lebensraum so that I now have apparently subdivided and relocated it into two main spaces:
Fabu Crap
Not-so-Fabu Crap
I've noticed that there is a pile of shitola that lives in my walk-in bedroom closet in Rubbermaid containers --old Lopi given to me by DM Elly that I've used for some felting experiments; all yarn ever purchased at a Smiley's sale; odd-ball skeins because I cannot throw any yarn away, ever; a lot of Encore, also bought on sale for the grandkidlets; Sam the Ram kit (Loopy's fault that I bought that, no matter what she may tell you); other crap that I will not admit to owning, let alone buying and is at least 15 years old.

Against one bedroom wall are three large bookcases, filled with knitting/fiber/spinning books and magazines. The result of 30+ years of serious knitting. One bookcase seems to be attracting the fabu stuff, like the suri alpaca I bought at Stitches East, all my sock yarn, Koigu, a basket full of funky novelty yarns that will end up in something as accents, a pile of Noro stuff, more laceweight merino than I'll ever knit, including two nifty Margaret Stove handpainted skeins bought at P'works. Oh, and more fiber than I will ever spin.

No Red Heart in the closet...but perhaps a skein of WoolEase. And a ball of Kitchen Cotton that I got from someone gratis.

I don't knit scarves...and I never do warshcloths. So perhaps the Merryheart Nursing Home in Roxbury will be getting gifted soon.

Why I Loathe Picture Knitting
And I must make the distinction between picture knitting and intarsia. Intarsia is the technique but I classify it in my mind as more artsy, less Mary Maxim. (I never was hot for Kaffe, even though I enjoyed his designs for the most part. But never tempted.) As I remarked to Loopy today, the result of picture knitting is a garment that looks somewhat akin to a finished Venus Paint-by-Numbers piece. I have no burning desire to knit an Alpine scene into one of my sweaters nor am I enamored of the cutesy Christmas intarsia sweaters that all the women at work seem to fancy. Knitting Rudolph's nose is not my idea of fun or artistic gratification.

Not that I wouldn't do intarsia IF the mood struck me...but that's unlikely.

Land of Oz Boy
Achim is sort of stranded in Oz (notice how I slyly snuck in a link to his pic), not able to do his work because the equipment needs a part that no one has...his computer security key didn't work, so they sent him another one and now THAT doesn't seem to work either.

I was hoping they'd send him home for Christmas, but that doesn't seem likely at this point. It looks like the middle of January still stands as the homecoming. So in the meanwhile, I guess I could think about knitting him something else--but what? I could do a cashmere sweater but that would be way past my meager means at this point. And I think that the Debbie Bliss Cashmerino, even the DK weight that I used for his socks, is too heavy. Anyone got a good resource for a cash blend that's fingering weight?

I've got to stay handy...and rare. Heh.

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