Tuesday, December 31, 2002

Best Quote I Heard All Day
I drink to make other people interesting.--George Jean Nathan

And it works, on occasion...

I Hereby Resolve...
Never to make New Year's resolutions. Never have, never will. What a moronic waste of time.

Do I plan? Of course.

Do I set my mind to accomplish as much as I can? Definitely.

Do I need a specific date upon which to start anything? Hardly.

And I also do not remember what and how much I complete, knitwise, in any given year. I don't keep lists of FOs, UFOs, CEOs, whatever. I'm lucky I remember where I parked my car at work.

What I Do on New Year's Eve
This year, I'm staying at home, knitting and listening to music. And rather than make up useless lists, I think about the good things that have happened this year. And it will be a REAL challenge for 2002. This has been a horrific year for me personally. However. On the plus side, I now have Achim to love, I feel like my creative juices are back in action, there's lots of interesting things ahead for me in 2003, and I'm still not feeling particularly old.

So life is good. I hope that all of you have an excellent New Year's Eve and a fine 2003. And thanks for reading my scribblings. I know you're out there.

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