Monday, February 03, 2003

Best Quote I Heard All Day
36. Whatever kind of look you were going for, you missed.
--From "50 Things You Wish You Could Say at Work"

Do I need to adjust the horizontal on that striped sweater you're wearing?

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Michelin Women
You know, I had...and still do...a weight problem. Lost almost 80 pounds this past year by shutting my mouth at the appropriate time.

But. I swear to you that if I thought a sweater would make me look fatter, it was left out of my knitted repertoire. And as I thumbed through the new issue of Cast-On (which I will review as soon as I have Knitter's and Interweave Knits to kill three birds with one well-thought out review), it occurred to me that I was looking at a lot of candid shots of chunky, nay, fat women wearing garments that truly made me wonder what kind of mirrors they own. I mean, we're a tubby lot, it seems to me. So why are so many knitters making items that, um, were photographed on a 100 lb. model, not on a 200+ pound grandmother? And having been a member of the latter group, I think I can opine about this subject.

I know, I know. The fantasy world of fashion. If they market it on a skinny babe, you'll start believing it'll look like that on you. I'm thinking that perhaps the knitting mags might want to run a "10 Sweaters to Make You 10 Pounds Thinner" feature.

Just a thought.

So now I'm teaching my granddaughter Liz to knit. And it's not because she thinks Gram is exactly cool, although I hope I'm one of the more cool grandmothers. It's because her teacher knits and will be teaching her 5th grade class how to knit and crochet. And I've been asked to do a spinning demo for them on Valentine's Day, since they're studying Colonial America. So Liz had to get a head start, little overachiever that she is. And she's doing well, I think. Got the hang of garter stitch. Here we are, knitting together. (You'll notice that my left hand is bereft of rings...I now have two more hints from Mr. Scheffler: We're shopping for something for me AND it begins with a "J". Hmmm...I just don't know what it could be, Achim. I really don't.)

She's about the rarest kid I know...and handy, of course.

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