Sunday, February 23, 2003

Best Quote I Heard All Day
Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months.--Oscar Wilde

The fashion magazine Marie Claire has decreed that skinny scarves are out...
Thanks to daughter Jenn, who buys these magazines by the gross.

10 Redux List Topics

10. Copyright
9. Patternworks' Poor Service
8. Why I Have a Stash
7. Stash Enhancement
6. Left-Handed Knitting
5. Knit Sighting (Celeb, TV, Lit, etc.)
4. FO Reports
3. Happy Birthday Reports
2. Any Lily Chin Post
1. Where Do I Find [fill in blank] Because I'm Too Lazy to Google

Think of it...if these 10 topics were eliminated entirely, would the lists be more interesting? (Strictly a rhetorical question, of course.)

And More Inanity...
Have you read the thread on the Knit List about the Iron Knitter Challenge, a la Iron Chef (one of my favorite programs, by the way)? Ye Gods. Bad enough that a lot of us suffer from CTS and related orthopedic problems, these idiots are talking about how cool it would be to have an Iron Knitter Challenge at the next Stitches to see who could knit something in an hour? What's the fucking point here?

Appalling, absolutely appalling. Like this has anything to do with anything other than hurting yourself? Cripes.

Knitting as sport. I'd sooner watch curling. And I mean that.

Mail Order v. Local Shopping
Vis a vis the above, I am inclined to do more and more shopping at my local yarn shop, The Yarn Loft in Sparta, NJ, even though it's an hour to and fro. Renee, the owner, can get me virtually anything I want if she doesn't have it, I can touch the fiber, and it allows me a chance to talk shop with a knowledgeable knitter. I'm fortunate in that New Jersey has lots of really good yarn shops and we don't pay tax on yarn either (except for yarn for afghans and the like).

Unless one lives in a remote part of the country or the world and has no choice, I'm thinking that it really pays to support those people who bust their asses to make a living running yarn shops. I do mail order if it is something totally unique, such as designs/patterns I could find nowhere else. Otherwise, I'm really into those Saturday trips to Renee's.

Ah, Ennui!
Here's my favorite word du jour, coined by my granddaughter Liz: Borederism, as in "I'm suffering from terminal borederism."

Liz, just go knit or something, OK?

She's a rare and handy girl.

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