Tuesday, June 03, 2003

Best Quote I Heard All Day
"Ask not what you can do for your country. Ask what's for lunch."
--Orson Welles

And what a lunch it was, too. QueerJoe and Kathy and me doing a Lambertville get-together.

Here's Joe wearing Achim's sweater with his best Calvin Klein boy-model pout...

Not to turn this into a "Oh boy, we had fun and you weren't there" travelogue but

you weren't. Joe would like to perpetrate the lie that I'm nicer than I seem on my blog.

I'm not. Otherwise, I wouldn't irritate you with these pictures. Bite me and read someone else's blog. There's a ration of KnitDweeb blogs springing up like patches of crabgrass. Go there.

Nonetheless, we had a great time. Joe brought his AS Donegal, on which he screwed up the armhole steek but made a remarkable save with scissors and great perserverance. Pictures do the subtlety of Starmore colorways no justice at all. This sweater is just unbelievable. Go to his blog and check it out.

Kathy wore another of her Koigu crocheted creations. She's the only person I've ever met who makes crocheted garments look great. You wouldn't buy her stuff at a church bazaar. I wish her picture had come out better but my digital camera is a piece of shit. Oh well. You can see her on Joe's blog as well.

Well, enough of this crap about people you don't know. But it was the perfect Aunty Dote to losing Milo. I needed it badly.

My Mew
So many people have either written in the Comments or sent me personal e-mails about Milo. I'm trying to get to my e-mail but I have to limit my time at the computer these days because of my neck. Thanks to you all. There's a lot of cat lovers out there, which is a good thing.

But the best memorial I got for the poor Mewburger was from my good friend at work, Pat Conway. Now, Pat's a crusty Irishman but he sometimes blows it. This video says it all and did much to raise my spirits.

Kid Knits
Liz has decided for the 40th time that she wants to restart her knitting. Sigh. Kids. It's expected. I bought her a nice pair of Brittanys in Lambertville because she has lost the bamboo straights I gave her. At least she didn't lose the orange Canadiana I bought her on our last trip to the yarn shop.

Her latest look is "Rave Punk." Note the chain she's wearing--a true fashion statement. Liz figures she'll be able to knit wristbands in orange and black in no time.

If she doesn't get past garter stitch, she's doomed to knit "blankets," as she calls them.

Grammy's Rules: Garter stitch must be automatic. Liz learns no purling until then. No losing stitches. No forgetting to knit the last stitch and then whining to Gram to fix it.

And she has to fix her mistakes. I believe in torturing all beginners by forcing them to look at their knitting and learn to fix what's wrong.

There's nothing worse than a cranky 10-year-old learning to knit. And she thinks she's going to be famous because I put her picture on my blog. Sheesh.

Next blog post: Why I won't review the new Knitter's. I'm tired now and I need some Percocet.

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