Saturday, May 29, 2004

Just a quick note before I sail off to Saratoga.

Many thanks to J-Jen for alerting me to the fact that only bloggers could comment. Holy Shit! You KNOW I would not have set up the Comments that way. As it turns out, the default setting is for "Registered Users." I recall setting it to "Anyone." Now it's fixed, I hope.

Shit happens. Comment away, anyone and everyone.


j-jen said...

Well, it's *almost* there, Mar. It's this blogger commenting system, I guess. You either have to sign up/log in to a blogger account to have your name appear or you have to post anonymously. Wonder if blogger has a suggestion box...

Have a great weekend.

(jennifer in israel)

Anonymous said...

Still wants me tbecome a member.

Actually BW lives pretty close to you, and when I knew her she was still friendly. You could probably still reach her (if she is still alive - I haven't checked).

Barbara Walker put those books out in a period when there were a number of knitting dictionaries. None of the designs in these dictionaries were copywrited, and she sent out calls for more designs (that is how she met EZ). These were glorified dictionaries, and other than the mosaic stitches, I don't think most of them were her designs.

Now, if you took the stuff in sampler knitting and called it your own - I think this would be a problem. I am not sure why sampler knitting has been re-released as the 4th pattern book.


Krista said...

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Meira said...

The commenting thing bugs the hell out of me. I've had a least 2 comments on my blog where I have no idea who wrote them. Every other commenting program allows for people to enter their information-- I feel like Blogger had to have made a decision to NOT allow that & they're consequently trying to own my blog or something. Anyway-- Blogger does have a suggestion box, I wrote them-- maybe if a bunch of people write it will make a difference??

Matt said...

Go figure Blogger out... I was updating my site today, and they took away my freakin' archive page in the middle of my updates! I had to adjust everything that I was doing to incorporate more crap onto my main page. Have you SEEN my main page? It's like asking Rip Taylor to be more flamboyant. They've got some decent ideas, and for a free service, it's tops on my list, but sometimes they really need to be a little more proactive about letting people know that they've changed stuff.

Gail said...

Livejournal has the same problem with comments - you either have to have an account (which is free) or post anonymously. I just have my "personal" blog there, so I rarely get anonymous comments.

I am, however, completely in love with Movable Type for my knitting blog. The only thing I don't like is that in livejournal, you can thread comments - so I can reply to comments, and the person commenting gets an email so they know i wrote back. That's really handy. In Movable type, its all one big thread.

j-jen said...

When it was free, MT was my first choice. Now with v3, which they list as a developer's version, you either have to pay the $70 licensing fee to get support or take your chances and download the "free" version of v3 without support.

I'm looking for alternatives for Yarnaholic Confessions-The Group Blog. So far either PHPNuke or WordPress seems to be it, but being clueless about PHP, I'm nervous.

(jennifer in israel)

Unknown said...

What's the scoop on GreyMatter? Does anyone know? I think that I'll just restore the Haloscan comments today or tomorrow and get rid of the Blogger comment code.

Otherwise, I really don't have a problem with Blogger, per se. If I had more time, perhaps I would be able to screw around with MT, although paying $70 isn't really in my blogging budget of $130 a year, you know?

I don't know PHP either. I know people who know it but that's no help at 10 p.m. on a Saturday night, which seems to be when I fool around with code.