Monday, January 30, 2006

Best Quote I Heard All Day
Good morning! What we have in mind is breakfast in bed for four hundred thousand. --Wavy Gravy

We went to Woodstock and we have returned.

(Of course, you know that the Woodstock Festival was actually held in Bethel, NY.)

There's nothing better than a road trip with my beloved Kathy Merrick. Now that I think of it, the two of us in a car talking for two hours straight would be pretty frightening to normal people.
Off we go on Friday to Selma the Axe Murderess's house in Woodstock for a great weekend filled with yarn, incredible cooking by Selma's Stewart, talk, more yarn. It was such a Wolvie weekend, even though we were missing two-thirds of the crew. So here's a few of the weekend highlights:

If you have an opportunity to visit Morehouse Farm's retail shop when you go to Rhinebeck or if you're in the area, do it. One of the most beautiful yarn shops I have ever visited and the yarn is outrageous.

Note Kathy's incredible scarf made from Lantern Moon sari silk.

Selma knits while Mar and Kathy root through the yarn bins

No one chooses colors like Kathy

Selma, Stewart, Kathy and Colly Sible the Bondage Maiden

One of these days someone will take a decent picture of Merrick. Perhaps Franklin. I never seem to be able to keep her from distorting her lovely features.

I managed to get a few ends sewn in and some I-cord knitted for the hoodie. Didn't even dare work on the Melanie because I would have been too distracted. So I bought a simple scarf kit at Morehouse, your basic Old Shale done in one of their great dyed merinos, just so I could have something mindless to knit while we chatted at Selma's kitchen table. As of last night, I had gotten quite a bit done.

While watching Selma finish knitting a really nice but simple pullover for Stewart, a Cabin Fever design called Ridgeway-Lite, I realized that not only do I not own any simple, comfy sweater to wear around with jeans but I will need something simple to knit in between bouts of the Melanie shawl.

Simple does not necessarily equate with "make it in a weekend." At least, not in my book. However, I do like to knit simple garments that drape properly and suit my purposes. Selma turned me onto this Morehouse design, which is elegantly simple.

This design is not yet on their website, so I guess it's pretty new. I tried it on at the shop and really liked the drape and the comfort factor. However, sage is not my color so I bought Aubergine.

And then, since I can never pass up their laceweight, I bought some for a scarf of my own design to be determined.

Now I swear to God I'm done with yarn/fiber purchases until Rhinebeck in October. Hear that, Loop? I've said it in public. You need to do the same in the Comments. We're finished. Done. Over. No more buying of anything fiber related. Only completed projects.

(However, after reading about the Excellent Dyeing Adventures of Carol & Ted, I would so much like to do some myself. That activity is not on the horizon, though.)

Many thanks to Selma and Stewart for such a rare and handy weekend. I will never forget Stewart's Brussels sprouts. Never. What a guy.

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