Saturday, April 01, 2006

Hey, yall!


im tired of this woman always being so mean. so im taking over her blog and writing nice things. Because knitters are nice and knitting is great........!!!!!!!

isnt knittin wonderful????? and arent knitters the best folks ever????? god loves knitters exceptin maybe he dont love mean knitters if you know what i mean and i know you do. amen!!!!

i love angles. arent they cute? im gointo knit some wings for my cat cuddles...... so she can be even cuter!!!!! heres a pic of cuddles the cat!!!!!!!

shes a lot more crosseyed than that other cat but not that much. shes so darlin!!!!!!!!!!!

i got me some of that funfur down at the walmarts yesterday. the hat didnt turn out so good but i think Ill cut it up and make me an ipod cover!!!!!!!!

i forgot i dont have an ipod but angus told me hed get me one if they got em cheap at walmart next chrismas. wen i have some time between gettin pregrnat, im goin to knit me a sweater or something. does anyonehave a pattern with angels on it?????

also do u have a pattern for big guys?? my brothers jess, baddie and jophus keep askin for me to knit them something but i cant find nothin big enough for them cause they are big men.....

but theyr really angles in diskise.

did i tell u about my wound? got it when my kid goosie you know one of thse dam quints of mine rammed a pickax into my arm wednesday last. dam thing just wont heal. been to the docs but he says nothin he can do cept put another dressing on it and i should keep crumbs away from it.

i made my dh take a pic of it sos ican share it with y'all. and mamas so much better, thank yall for your loving thoughts. im so glad that jesus answered my prayers about mamas divirticulitiz.

dang! i forgot. my knitting group the Knittin Angles is meeting next Tuesday at the church and i promised i would bring some of my famous cuttlebone fritters so i guess i better get me goin and start skinnin those fish!!!!!!!!!!!

i will finish this with a prayer and bless u all for reading this.

dear jesus please let angus get a job at the powerplant! and please let my lottry tickets win. praise him....praise our lordjesuschrist. and jesus please....send down yur blessings to these people who are readin what i wrote. and please bless knitting. thank you jesus! nobody says thank you anymore so thank you amen!

i will let that nasty woman have this back now. maybe shell be nice to yall. jesus is watchin her and she has his love shinin on her. amen.

[Ed. note: it's April 1. I'll regain control of the blog anon. Praise Jesus.]

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