Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Best Quote I Heard All Day
Why slap them on the wrist with a feather when you can belt them over the head with a sledgehammer.--Katharine Hepburn

You know, my kid Corinne has wielded a sledgehammer since she popped out of me 35 years ago.

Yesterday, with my girls and their significant others gathered in the living room, with Ian dancing around and Liz slowly snaking downstairs, everyone ready to take Mamoo out to a birthday dinner, Corinne stated, rather emphatically, after her Sisty Ugler made a snide comment about Corinne only going out because she wanted a Margherita, that she could not have a Margherita with her dinner.

Huh? Now, Corinne seldom drinks. So when she goes out, she enjoys her Margherita. What wid dat?

And then it dawned on her sister. Holy shit. And then on me.

I'm going to be a grandmother. Again.

Yikes. Time to get buying those Dale baby books. And yes, I do know about Jil Eaton, et al. And no, I am not going to knit any Debbie Bliss stuff.

Open Mike Tuesday
Well, after having put in a 12-hour day editing, formatting, and doing a clean-up on five manuals for tomorrow's application build, I'm writing this late Monday night while nodding off at the keyboard.

Eunny was the clear favorite from last week's topic. And I totally agree with that. Kate Gilbert, too. I was interested also in hearing about the others.

So here's this week's topic of disgustion:

Is it possible to integrate knitting into your sex life? And no, we're not talking about knitted lingerie or Willywarmers, either. We're talking kinky. As in kinky circ cables. Maybe.

I'm sure that those into S&M will have many fabulous ideas.

Short Spurts
I'm really beat tonight, so there are no pictures. Work sucks when it keeps me from doing what I want. However, they do put money in my checking account twice a month.

I have managed to get a fair amount of spinning done on the alpaca. And some mindless stockinette rows done on the back of the Lavold sweater. It's almost done, at which point I may shift gears and get some finishing done. I can at least join the shoulders, set in the one sleeve, and even put in the collar, before I finish up the other sleeve. We'll see.

Barb Brown of Wild Geese Fibres sent me some glorious alpaca/silk laceweight. I will definitely put up a picture in my next post. This is some beautiful yarn. Go visit Barb's web site and see what she's got.

I'm not going to MD S&W next weekend. I wouldn't have, in any case, but I must go with my mother and the sibs up to Connecticut to visit my Aunt Nan. These days, I am only interested in going to Rhinebeck in October. Shall we have a show of hands as to who's planning on going? I know the usual Wolvies will be there--Joe, Carol, Kathy, Selma, maybe Lisalisa. And hopefully Ted, Mary-Helen, Lee Ann, Katherine, perhaps the wonderful Peter from Oz, and a few other friends.

If nothing else, blogging has brought me so many terrific friends. My life was so unrare and unhandy before they all showed up. I love them all.

[Ed. note: I'm cheating and posting this at 11:04 PM on Monday night. I'm fucking tired so I fixed the date and time to read otherwise. Bite me.]

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