Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Best Quote I Heard All Day
I want to believe in intelligent design, and hence I am suspicious of anything that seems to confirm my desire to believe.--James Lileks

Thank you, Steve, for reminding me how much I love this guy's site. I highly recommend Lileks's Gallery of Regrettable Food. Check out Meat, Meat, Meat and More Fun With Coffee. And all the rest of his writing. He should do a number on '50s-era knitting patterns.

Have you ever Googled your name? Of course you have. I've done it and I admit to it.

Let's put it this way--these are Marilyn Robertses with whom I do not foresee sharing confidences. Or bologna sandwiches. The first one on the list is some kind of Scientologist. She completed the Scientology Service course, Celebrity 325, which may or may not have included making tea for Tom Cruise.

But then, when Googling The Knitting Curmudgeon, I found that I was a reference for the Wikipedia entry for Aran Sweater, based on a post that I wrote some time ago, entitled Heinz Edgar Kiewe--Crackpot or Historian?.

Who knew?

Open Mike Tuesday
Joe just wrote about the wiki phenomenon in his post from yesterday. Open-source wikis allow anyone to write, edit, and otherwise expound on subjects, whether they are knowledgeable or idiots. And as you may or may not know, some knitters are jumping on the bandwagon. So here's the topic:

Are knitting wikis going to be a valid source of information or are they going to become the domain of KnitDweebs ready to add to knitting misinformation already floating in the ether?

I'm tempted to start a Warshcloth Wiki but I'm afraid of who may visit. And contribute.

Yeah, Loopy, you're thinking of the same person, I'm sure. The Queen of Warshcloths. And we're not talking about Joe, either. He's an exceptional Mary but never a Queen.

Some Not-So-Wonderful News
I am sad to say that Corinne miscarried last week. And also found out that she has Lyme disease, although it's unlikely that the Lyme contributed to the miscarriage, according to the doctor.

Yes, we were all disappointed. For all my curmudgeonly ways, I adore children and I was very much looking forward to being Gangsta Gram to a new one. But these things happen, and they'll give it another shot.

The Punk Princess was a bit disappointed, too. She was looking forward to dressing her new sibling in black and red. But Liz is pretty circumspect, like her grandmother. She knows that she will be sharing her drum kit with a teensy Punk Baby soon enough.

And as it is almost the witching hour, I will post this and crawl into bed with Cleo. That's the best I can do for a warm, cuddly body. A human one is rare but unbelievably handy.

Speaking of cats, here's the kind of stuff my sister, the self-proclaimed Scrap Curmudgeon, sends me just as I've hit "Publish Post." Will someone please explain the difference between crocheting and knitting to her? Clearly, I've failed abysmally.

Cleo would never stand for this.

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