Thursday, January 02, 2003

Best Quote I Heard All Day
The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it.--George Bernard Shaw

I'd like to be called an accurate cynic, myself...

J Lo Seen Knitting a Cabled Sweater in Made in Manhattan
So, do you want the pattern? Well, you're SOL, because there ain't one--that's just my cheap-shit way of getting your attention. Heh. Or would you rather knit a pile of Harry Potter scarves? Perhaps a Dr. Who scarf? Or the Ciderhouse Rules vest? None of which was particularly interesting but never mind that.

I think I now truly understand why the KnitDweebs are so ecstatic every fucking time they see a pair of needles on the silver screen or read a paragraph in their latest mystery book about someone knitting.

It's what I call knitting self-justification. This revelation came over me as Loopy and I exchanged e-mails today about the ludicrous movie-book knitting sightings on the lists. I mean, is this SO important? I think it may be to the KDweebs and here's why.

This is what I postulated to Loop in my e-mail to be the thought process of the KDweeb knittinginmovieorbook citer:
So to justify my knitting, I'll be able to cite any number of movies and books where people who are far superior to me are knitting, thereby making ME legitimate.

Does it take well-known celebrities and authors to make knitting a valid thing to do? I guess it does for some people...and I suspect they are the ones who bravely Knit In Public, as if they were coming out of the knitting closet, as it were.

Spare me. Making something from scratch is validation enough or should be.

Sweet Charity
One of the comments in the New Year's Eve post really got me thinking (do read the entire comment). Kathy said: Do you think Bosnian (or any other sort) refugees or abused women in shelters really need orange acrylic hats?

No, I don't. And although I am all for knitting for charity, especially for kids, such as the Linus Project and premie hats, I often do wonder about knitters who crank out mittens, socks, afghans and all sorts of knitted accessories for charities when many of these people want and desperately need food, medicine, and cold hard cash.

What really concerns me is the motivation of some of these knitters, especially the ones who frequently list all of their charity knitting ad nauseam in breathless posts to the lists. Are they knitting to make a difference in these people's lives...or knitting to make a difference in their own egos?

And yes, I am challenging motivation here and I know this is a sacred cow. So be it. If you're going to knit for charity, make sure it's needed. And shut up about it. Just do it. Without some personal agenda.

And yes, I have knit Linus squares. And for other charities.

And yes, kids are so rare...

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