Sunday, April 27, 2003

Best Quote I Heard All Day
"All bad poetry springs from genuine feeling."--Oscar Wilde

Knitting haiku?

Let's hope that this link, seen on a Socknitters post this morning, will not spawn reams of ecstatic couplets and the dreary messages that contain them.

National Warshcloth Knitting Day
Socknitters seems to be the teeming cauldron of revolutionary ideas among the lists these days, the latest being an International Socknitters Day.

O be still, my beating heart.

Whip out them socks and knit together for fucking world peace. Or whatever.

I am willing to sponsor a National Warshcloth Knitting Day, only to beat them at their own game. Why "National," you may ask. Well, I'm thinking that only Amurricans knit warshcloths...the rest of the world is smart enough to keep their warshcloth knitting to themselves, I suspect.

Send all pledges to me and I'll give you my address. I bow to Wendy's infinite wisdom in realizing that if you want something, you have only to ask and somebody will send you money.

I mean, the government asks you to send your contributions every April 15. Public TV has its beg-a-thons. Why not me?

The knitting-day possibilities become almost endless, when you think about it. Here's my short list:

:: International Willy-Warmer Day
:: National Einstein Coat Day (Canada included...heh.)
:: International Kool-Aid Dying Festival
:: Global Lily Chin Day (prizes awarded only to Lily)
:: Universal Knitters Magazine's Knitting Universe Day (open to subscribers only--all 437 of them)
:: First Annual TransWorld David Xenakis Knitting Photography Day (lyric photos only)
:: Christian Knitters Day (Knit for Jesus, blessings included. No heathens allowed. This means you.)

Oh boy. Can you stand it? Have I forgotten anything?

Rare, handy, and inevitable. You'll see 'em on the lists shortly.

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