Friday, April 25, 2003

Best Quote I Heard All Day
"When I was born I was so surprised I didn't talk for a year and a half."
--Gracie Allen

Life still surprises me, every day...

A Woman of a Certain Age
The more birthdays I have, the less I am inclined to celebrate my birthday but rather to contemplate getting older.

I mean, what is 53 supposed to feel like? I haven't a clue. My grandmother was 53 when I was born in 1950 and it seems to me that she was always old. My granddaughter Liz doesn't view me in the same light as I viewed Grandma, I guess. Of course, getting older should be simply that, and no more. My brain hasn't grown up yet.

But the AARP sent me junk mail again the other day and I'm thinking I should join, if only for the discounts. Why be stupid about it, you know?

Knitting Naked in Public
And wouldn't THAT be fun? Whenever I read about KIPing on the lists (I've always equated a kip to a nap, Anglophile that I am), I wonder that some people are so attached to their knitting that they knit in restaurants, in church, in meetings, wherever. Mind you, I am a firm advocate of knitting in public, particularly if I am in Wait Mode. There's nothing worse than having nothing better to do in a doctor's office than read a 3-month old copy of Sports Illustrated.

And I can see knitting in lectures, where you can listen and knit at the same time. I suppose church would fall into this category, although I haven't stepped foot in a church in 34 years.

But knitting in restaurants? Knitting in the car, if you're the driver? Knitting at a business meeting? I don't think so. For one, knitting in restaurants just doesn't make a whole lot of sense. If you're out having dinner with a loved one, friends, family, I think you owe them your full participation. If you're stuck in traffic, listen to some music. Even if I'm not moving, I like to keep my eye on the car ahead of me. And knitting in business meetings? Bad idea, in my opinion. Never mind that you know you can listen AND knit at the same time--that's not other people's perception. THEIR perception of you? You aren't interested enough in what the other meeting attendees are saying to stop what you're doing. And I don't buy the argument that knitting in a meeting is like doodling. It isn't, not to other people.

But I will knit in the airport waiting for Achim to come home, if today is the day. I sure hope it is.

This Old Blog
I'm going to be making some changes over the next several weeks. I want to include a page with some of the technical stuff I've written, a page that will serve as a Stuff-o-Rama for my project pictures. And maybe some other things. I dunno. I'd like to be using either Grey Matter or MoveableType to do the blog but I'll need a major amount of free time to do that. Maybe this summer.

Time, time, time. So rare these days...and a day off is just too handy.

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