Thursday, July 24, 2003

Best Quote I Heard All Day
"In a real estate man's eyes, the most exclusive part of the city is wherever he has a house to sell."
--Will Rogers

I live in Beverly Hills then...or desirable Budd Lake.


I'll See Your $379K and Raise You $10K
So my house went on the market yesterday, had real estate agents and their clients swarming through my private parts, as it were...and now, an offer for full price.

I'll be making some bucks from this. And no, I won't be spending it all at Stitches East in October. Just a little.

However, my disposable time is being eaten up by real estate doings (and a remarkable man, the one I won't tell you about). Hence, I think there'll be a paucity of posts from me for the nonce.

But I keep on truckin'.

Shroud of Turin Warshcloth
Amber is the only one, to my knowledge, who actually finished this. Go see it on her blog. It's a masterpiece.

I started it on vacation, did 4 rows of blue and white (my color choices and what was available at Wal-Mart), got totally bored with it, put it down and...

Starabella, Jenn's cat, romped and stomped all over it. It was good, clean kitty fun. But totally tangled by the time she had finished.

And so, it is fin. Thank God.

Blasphemous knitting is great in theory.

As I predicted a few months ago, the KnitDweebs are playing at arrivistas and thinking that blogging is a way cooler thing to do than PictureTrails can write your thoughts on your knitting projects too.

The KnitList says so, so it must be true Virginia.

Mystery Man
Just so he can see what I, Michael?

He's a rare and handy guy. So don't fucking ask, OK?

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