Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Best Quote I Heard All Day
I've been with thousands of men. Again and again, they promise the moon. They're always coming and going, and going and coming, and always too soon. --Lili von Schtupp, Blazing Saddles

It's Mel Brooks Day. Sometimes I get nice and do something for a friend who can quote Mel's movies even better than I can.

Kahn's finest moment, in my opinion.

Fall FCEK on the Stands
Every time I see FCEK, I think it's "fuck" mis-spelled.

Anyway, I picked up Family Circle Easy Knitting for my friend Mary, who is one of my former students and who's been twiddling around with knitting for a year.

You know, for a magazine that touts itself as "easy" more than 75% of the designs are for Intermediate and Advanced. What wid dat?

Of course, that's if you believe those ridiculous "skill levels" that the Craft Council seems so bent on propagating. But we've had this conversation before and you know where I stand on that.

Total bullshit.

And you'd think that a magazine that's supposed to contain easy-to-make sweaters and knitted ephemera would at least include line art to illustrate knitting techniques for all the newbies they are focusing on. You'd think so.

You'd be wrong.

The designs were pretty OK, some nice ones, some dogs. The chosen colors were rotten, by and large. But then, I'm not a big fan of olive green.

And FCEK included the infamous pic of the Tiny Diva presenting David Letterman with his upchuck schmatteh. FCEK reports that Letterman was "delighted."

Not based on what I perceived to be his reaction, which was slightly bemused and somewhat put off by having to model it.

I'd like to see the Tiny Diva crochet something for Chris Matthews of Hardball. Now his reaction would be worth an admission price.

Short post tonight. Work is hell, as Matt Gruening says. Too much documentation bullshit going on at TCI.

If they think I'm rare and handy, where's my fucking promotion to Corporate Operations Manager (I made up that title myself, looks good on a resume). Beats the bejesus out of Operational Procedures Analyst, I think. No raise this year, officially.

But then I'm German and we like titles. Jawohl.

And it's a national trait to be rare and handy, dontcha think?

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